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May 23, 2019

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Spawn #300

WRITER: Todd McFarlane, Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Todd McFarlane, Jerome Opeña, J. Scott Campbell, Jason Shawn Alexander, Greg Capullo
COVER A / COVER B: Todd McFarlane
COVER C / COVER D: Greg Capullo
COVER E / COVER F: Todd McFarlane, Greg Capullo
COVER H: Jerome Opeña
COVER I: Jason Shawn Alexander

SEPTEMBER 04 / 72 pages / FC/ T / $7.99

SPAWN MAKES HISTORY!With this 300th issue, SPAWN becomes the longest-running independent series in comic book history. To celebrate, legendary artists TODD McFARLANE and GREG CAPULLO return with ALL-NEW interior pencils, with additional art provided by JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER, J. SCOTT CAMPBELL, and JEROME OPEÑA, a cavalcade of celebratory covers, and additional writing by SCOTT SNYDER!And next month, RECORDS WILL BE BROKEN with SPAWN #301!Retailers: see order form for incentives.
Spawn #300 Spawn #300 Spawn #300 Spawn #300 Spawn #300 Spawn #300 Spawn #300 Spawn #300 Spawn #300 Spawn #300

Coffin Bound #1

WRITER: Dan Watters

AUGUST 07 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Cars! Guns! Entropy!Chased by an unstoppable killer, Izzy Tyburn has decided that if the world won’t have her in it, it can have nothing of her at all. She’s re-treading her life, leaving nothing but burned rubber, ash, and the sun-scorched bones of those who get in her way.Join writer DAN WATTERS (Sandman Universe: Lucifer, LIMBO), artist DANI (2000AD, Girl with No Name), and colorist BRAD SIMPSON (JESUSFREAK, MCMLXXV) on a road trip through a blood-splattered life.

"It's a gleeful of literary grindhouse comic that brings to mind Milligan's Arthouse Pulp and notes of Pretty Deadly. Out in August. Pre-order now." —Kieron Gillen

"A Lynchian crime chase desert noir fever dream with its own messed up internal logic. Fun." —Rob Williams

"An acid drenched road trip, seeping violence and weirdness of the best kind. Definitely one to check out." —Ollie Masters

"Gorgeous and odd and very much its own unique monster. I am jealous at its filthy strangeness." —Ivan Brandon

"A gore-splattered—but poetic—road trip with one of the strangest stripper scenes in comics." —John Harris Dunning

"Dreamlike, mythic, relentless and strange." —Kurt Busiek

"Excellent. Like finding a weird Alex Cox meets Jodorowsky road movie you didn't know existed. Literate, full of ideas & complimented by Dani's Guéra meets Pope-ish art." —Iain Laurie

Coffin Bound #1

Pretty Violent #1

WRITER: Derek Hunter, Jason Young
ARTIST / COVER A: Derek Hunter
COVER B: Ryan Ottley

AUGUST 21 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Gamma Rae wants to be a superhero, and why shouldn’t she!? She’s been strong since she was a baby. The only problem is, all her siblings are notorious hero-murdering criminals! Join artist DEREK HUNTER (DuckTales, Adventure Time), and writer JASON YOUNG (I HATE FAIRYLAND) for this all-new ongoing, gore-filled, laugh-out-loud comedy for mature readers that explores one girl’s journey through the rift between personal and family identity.
Pretty Violent #1 Pretty Violent #1

Ophiuchus OGN TP

WRITER / ARTIST: Natasha Tara Petrović, Ali Leriger De La Plante
COVER A: Natasha Tara Petrović

AUGUST 21 / 144 pages / FC/ T / $16.99

ALEXIS LERIGER DE LA PLANTE and NATASHA TARA PETROVIĆ bring their popular webcomic OPHIUCHUS to Image Comics!OPHIUCHUS is the story of the lone sentry of an ancient, inactive gate. One day, a strange being breaks through and infects her with a virus. And shortly after, she is approached by two machines, who implore her to follow them to the center of the universe to put an end to that virus—a malevolent being which rots all worlds.
Ophiuchus OGN TP

Simon Says: Nazi Hunter, Vol. 1 OGN TP

WRITER: Andre R. Frattino

SEPTEMBER 18 / 128 pages / FC/ M / $16.99

An artist, forced to paint swastikas on train cars for the Nazis during the Holocaust, has become an unlikely vigilante in pre-Cold War Europe. Alongside his army companion, Bruno, he hunts down the criminals responsible for murdering his wife, his family, and his people. SIMON SAYS is one part action-adventure, one part crime-noir and all high-stakes drama!
Simon Says: Nazi Hunter, Vol. 1 OGN TP

The White Trees #1 (of 2)

WRITER: Chip Zdarsky

AUGUST 14 / 40 pages / FC/ M / $4.99

Acclaimed Daredevil writer CHIP ZDARSKY teams up with superstar Runaways artists KRIS ANKA and MATT WILSON for this spectacular OVERSIZED TWO-ISSUE MINISERIES!In the fantastical world of Blacksand, peace was hard-won, and three unbending warriors carry the scars to prove it. Now, almost twenty years later, their children are missing and war is on the horizon. Can they put aside their memories of the war—and each other—for one last adventure?
The White Trees #1 (of 2)

Unnatural #12 (of 12)

WRITER / ARTIST / COVER A: Mirka Andolfo
COVER B: Elia Bonetti

AUGUST 14 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

THIS IS THE END!The grand finale of MIRKA ANDOLFO’s groundbreaking story is here! Don’t worry, we won’t spoil the ending for you; let’s just say it’s Leslie vs. the Glance with the Wolf in between. And yes, it’s gonna be epic. But will Leslie live happily ever after?
Unnatural #12 (of 12) Unnatural #12 (of 12)

Cyber Force: Awakening, Vol. 3 TP

WRITER: Matt Hawkins, Bryan Hill
ARTIST / COVER A: Atilio Rojo

SEPTEMBER 25 / 136 pages / FC/ M / $16.99

It’s the brutal man-machine hybrid Leviathan vs. Cyber Force as Morgan, Ripclaw, Velocity, and Aphrodite face off to save the fate of a country caught in the center of The New War for Technology. Who will own the future?Collects CYBER FORCE #9-11
Cyber Force: Awakening, Vol. 3 TP

Eclipse, Vol. 4 TP

WRITER: Zack Kaplan
ARTIST / COVER A: Giovanni Timpano

AUGUST 07 / 128 pages / FC/ T+ / $16.99

In a world where sunlight is deadly, the final confrontation plays out between the corrupt solar tycoons and those mysterious individuals immune to the sun’s rays. And caught in the middle are ordinary heroes—a solar heiress turned rebel and a disillusioned former hero—who must rescue all of Manhattan from a villainous plot to destroy the solar power that protects the city.Collects ECLIPSE #13-16
Eclipse, Vol. 4 TP

Evolution, Vol. 3 TP

WRITER: Christopher Sebela, James Asmus
ARTIST / COVER A: Joe Infurnari, Jordan Boyd

OCTOBER 23 / 128 pages / FC/ M / $16.99

Humanity is rapidly evolving, and Sister Hannah, Abe, and Rochelle are the only ones putting the pieces together. But is it a mad conspiracy engineered by deviants, or nature’s ultimate revenge on humankind?Collects EVOLUTION #13-18
Evolution, Vol. 3 TP

Savage Dragon: A City Under Siege TP


AUGUST 14 / 128 pages / FC/ M / $19.99

The deadly Demonoids resurface in Toronto, and Malcolm Dragon recruits Freak Force, the Dynamic Daredevil, and Battle Girl to face off against their hideous hordes. Mighty Man! SuperPatriot! Dart! Barbaric! Lightning Girl! And more Demons than you can imagine. Plus, the introduction of Buffalo Stu and the Scourge, and the first battle of the Savage Little Dragons!Collects SAVAGE DRAGON #235-240
Savage Dragon: A City Under Siege TP

Skyward, Vol. 3: Fix The World TP

WRITER: Joe Henderson
ARTIST: Lee Garbett, Antonio Fabela
COVER A: Lee Garbett

AUGUST 28 / 136 pages / FC/ T / $16.99

Willa’s faced terrifying storms, giant man-eating bugs, a deadly rebellion and a whole lot of heartbreak… but nothing can prepare her for this. It’s time for Willa to fulfill her father’s last request. Time to fix the world.SKYWARD, VOL. 3 collects the conclusion of the hit series from writer JOE HENDERSON (showrunner of Netflix’s Lucifer) and artist LEE GARBETT (Lucifer, Loki: Agent of Asgard).Collects SKYWARD #11-15
Skyward, Vol. 3: Fix The World TP

Spawn: Enemy of the State TP

WRITER: Todd McFarlane
ARTIST: Jason Shawn Alexander
COVER A: Francesco Mattina

AUGUST 21 / 184 pages / FC/ T / $16.99

TODD McFARLANE and JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER change the game in this new SEVEN-ISSUE collection.Trapped in a maximum security penitentiary, Al Simmons is exactly where he wants to be. But the danger is greater than he knows. Alone against his enemies, Al begins to unravel his master plan to bring Heaven and Hell to their knees, with the help of some old… “friends.”Overtkill, Cy-Gor, The Curse, and The Freak ALL return—like NEVER before!Collects SPAWN #284-290
Spawn: Enemy of the State TP

The Walking Dead, Vol. 32: Rest In Peace TP

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Cliff Rathburn, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano
COVER A: Charlie Adlard, Dave Stewart

AUGUST 07 / 224 pages / BW/ M / $16.99

The conflict in the Commonwealth hits a fever pitch… could this be the end of civilization as we’ve come to know it?Collects THE WALKING DEAD #187-193
The Walking Dead, Vol. 32: Rest In Peace TP

The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 9: "Okay" TP

WRITER: Kieron Gillen
ARTIST / COVER A: Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson

OCTOBER 02 / 168 pages / FC/ M / $17.99

FINAL STORY ARC!After five years, we reach the final volume. We do not go gentle into that good night, but go driving a converted tank, covered in glitter and spangles, with a sound system audible from Mars blaring nothing but bangers. Gods, pop stars, an ending. We’ll miss you.Collects THE WICKED +THE DIVINE #40-45
The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 9: "Okay" TP

Analog #7

WRITER: Gerry Duggan
ARTIST / COVER A: David O'Sullivan
COVER B: David O'Sullivan, Gerry Duggan

AUGUST 14 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“MOVING TARGETS,” Part TwoJack is on the move through Texas’ hostile territory on behalf of the Japanese A.I.—and if that’s not weird enough, now he’s lugging a boom box containing secrets worth killing for. What will kill Jack first? Algorithms, hitmen, or whiskey?
Analog #7 Analog #7

Ascender #5

WRITER: Jeff Lemire
ARTIST / COVER A: Dustin Nguyen

AUGUST 28 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“THE HAUNTED GALAXY,” Conclusion The first arc of the hit fantasy series comes to a pulse-pounding conclusion! The evil vampire witch Mother discovers that the planet Sampson may hold the secrets to her undoing. While on Sampson, Andy, Mila, and Bandit reunite with an old frenemy fans of DESCENDER will be thrilled to see!
Ascender #5

The Beauty #29

WRITER: Jeremy Haun, Jason A. Hurley
ARTIST: Thomas Nachlik
COVER A: Jeremy Haun, Nick Filardi
COVER B: Greg Hinkle

SEPTEMBER 11 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

It’s been a long road on the path to revenge. Hopefully Timo and Ezerae can make it to the end.
The Beauty #29 The Beauty #29

Birthright #38

WRITER: Joshua Williamson
ARTIST / COVER A: Andrei Bressan, Adriano Lucas

AUGUST 07 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

The dark mage Mastema is embedded within her skyscraper, with each floor protected by all manner of magical and monstrous defenses. For Mikey’s team of trained soldiers, it can only mean one thing: a tower siege!
Birthright #38

Criminal #7

WRITER: Ed Brubaker
ARTIST: Jacob Phillips, Sean Phillips
COVER A: Sean Phillips

AUGUST 21 / 40 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

The best monthly comic on the market keeps the hits coming! Young Ricky Lawless and Leo (from CRIMINAL, VOL. 1: COWARD) take the spotlight this issue, as the epic story of the death of TEEG LAWLESS continues!As always, CRIMINAL contains back page art and articles only found in the single issues.
Criminal #7

Crowded #8

WRITER: Christopher Sebela
ARTIST / COVER A: Triona Farrell, Ro Stein, Ted Brandt
COVER B: M.J. Erickson

AUGUST 07 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

Charlie and Vita arrive in Vegas, looking for a safe haven and maybe some answers about who is behind the Reapr campaign. As the two begin to share some secrets and a ratty hotel room, will they finally learn to work together?
Crowded #8 Crowded #8

Curse Words #24

WRITER: Charles Soule

SEPTEMBER 04 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

There’s only one issue left after this one, which makes us sad on this end—but the issue itself will make NO ONE sad! All stops continue to be pulled out, as the battle for the fate of… well, everything… blasts toward its conclusion. Wizord, Ruby, and Margaret are finally reunited, but will they be able to enjoy their lives together? Or will the final revenge of the evil demon Sizzajee doom them all? Come see!
Curse Words #24

Die #6

WRITER: Kieron Gillen
ARTIST / COVER A: Stephanie Hans
COVER B: Peach Momoko

AUGUST 07 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“SPLIT THE PARTY,” Part OneForget escaping Die—half of our heroes can’t even escape the remains of shattered Glass Town. Is there any way out? Of course there is. It’s just whether or not you can pay the price. Jump aboard the commercial smash series here!
Die #6 Die #6

Excellence #4

WRITER: Brandon Thomas
ARTIST / COVER A: Emilio Lopez, Khary Randolph
COVER B: Johnnie Christmas

AUGUST 21 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

New York is rocked by a massive wizard’s duel like you’ve never seen before! What secrets are Spencer Dales and Aaron Mills hiding from each other? And who among the Aegis stands to profit?
Excellence #4

Fairlady #5

WRITER: Brian Schirmer
ARTIST: Marissa Louise, Claudia Balboni
COVER A: Jeremy Saliba
COVER B: Katie Longua

AUGUST 21 / 40 pages / FC/ T / $3.99

Jenner is forced to team up with a Fairman in an attempt to save the life of a woman tied to a past investigation. No one likes loose ends, but some cases are never truly closed… Will this one be Jenner’s last?
Fairlady #5 Fairlady #5

Gideon Falls #16

WRITER: Jeff Lemire
ARTIST: Andrea Sorrentino, Dave Stewart
COVER A: Andrea Sorrentino
COVER B: Ray Fawkes

AUGUST 14 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“ALL THOSE LITTLE SCARS”The pulse-pounding conclusion to “Season 3” of the hottest supernatural horror story in comics! Clara is finally reunited with her missing brother, Danny—but The Laughing Man doesn’t give up his acolytes without a bloody battle!
Gideon Falls #16 Gideon Falls #16

Gogor #4


AUGUST 14 / 32 pages / FC/ T / $3.99

Something is afoot on the island of Animal-men! The capital city has been walled off and the citizenry brainwashed by an invasive new dogma. Armano goes undercover to confront the crisis, but is shocked by what he finds within the city walls. Don’t miss the dramatic conclusion to the first arc in the series!
Gogor #4

Hit-Girl Season Two #7

WRITER: Daniel Way
ARTIST / COVER A / COVER B: Goran Parlov
COVER C: André Lima Araújo

AUGUST 14 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Seeking help in unlikely places, Hit-Girl launches an attack. With a rough-and-tumble gang of misfits as backup, and her usual glorious array of weapons at her disposal, Mindy’s out to improve her killing and her Cantonese.
Hit-Girl Season Two #7 Hit-Girl Season Two #7 Hit-Girl Season Two #7

Ice Cream Man #14

WRITER: W. Maxwell Prince
ARTIST / COVER A: Chris O’Halloran, Martín Morazzo
COVER B: Paul Rentler

AUGUST 28 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“DOWN AND ACROSS”Solve this crossword puzzle and you just might save a man’s life.
Ice Cream Man #14 Ice Cream Man #14

Kick-Ass #17

WRITER: Steve Niles
ARTIST / COVER A / COVER B: Marcelo Frusin
COVER C: André Lima Araújo

SEPTEMBER 11 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Kick-Ass leads her army in a war against the Russians, making a final stand to drive them out of the city. Yet behind the Russians lurks the bloodthirsty assassin Rosa, who’s ready to add Patience’s pretty head to her trophy collection.
Kick-Ass #17 Kick-Ass #17 Kick-Ass #17

Man-Eaters #11

WRITER: Chelsea Cain
ARTIST: Elise McCall, Lia Miternique
COVER A / COVER B: Lia Miternique

SEPTEMBER 11 / 28 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

“MITTELSCHMERZ”The one where everything finally makes sense, all your narrative questions are answered, and you feel—fleetingly—satisfied.
Man-Eaters #11 Man-Eaters #11

Middlewest #10

WRITER: Skottie Young
ARTIST / COVER A: Jorge Corona

AUGUST 21 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Abel is brought before a long-forgotten figure from his past who offers some insight into the boy’s present and future. Feeling the weight of this unexpected reunion, Abel is left as he has been most of his life—cold and alone.
Middlewest #10

Oblivion Song by Kirkman & De Felici #18

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Annalisa Leoni, Lorenzo De Felici
COVER A: Lorenzo De Felici

AUGUST 14 / 28 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

In the wake of the Faceless Men’s attack, the unthinkable happens.
Oblivion Song by Kirkman & De Felici #18

Outer Darkness #9

WRITER: John Layman

AUGUST 14 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

The haunted knife causes anybody who touches it to go on a murderous stab-rampage. Do NOT touch the haunted knife.
Outer Darkness #9

Outpost Zero #12

WRITER: Sean Kelley McKeever
ARTIST / COVER A: Alexandre Tefenkgi, Jean-Francois Beaulieu

AUGUST 21 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

Citizens of the Outpost work so hard just to stay alive, but what are they surviving for? If Alea’s plans work out, they might have a new future in mind…
Outpost Zero #12

Postal: Deliverance #2

WRITER: Matt Hawkins, Bryan Hill
ARTIST / COVER A: Raffaele Ienco

AUGUST 07 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Mark learns that being the Mayor of Eden might be the same as being its prisoner. Laura can’t seem to retire her savage ways in Florida, and a child’s life hangs in the balance. Both of them are about to discover their true natures.
Postal: Deliverance #2

Reaver #2

WRITER: Justin Jordan
ARTIST: Alex Guimarães, Rebekah Isaacs
COVER A: Becky Cloonan

AUGUST 14 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Hell’s Half-Dozen’s suicide mission to the Anvil leads them straight through Rael territory, home to the many nations of skin eaters. Five of these dangerous convicts are prepared to fight for their freedom—but which one is working on a secret agenda of their own?
Reaver #2

Redneck #23

WRITER: Donny Cates
ARTIST / COVER A: Dee Cunniffe, Lisandro Estherren

SEPTEMBER 04 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

JV is prepared to do the unthinkable to save his family. The only question is, will he live long enough to do it?
Redneck #23

The Ride: Burning Desire #3 (of 5)

WRITER: Doug Wagner
ARTIST: Cully Hamner, Daniel Hillyard
COVER A: Cully Hamner
COVER B: Daniel Hillyard

AUGUST 21 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

When a dancer is found dead and her daughter missing, the cops write it off as just another overdosed tweaker and a runaway kid. But Vega knows better, and now she has to decide if she’s willing to risk her freedom in order to help those who have nowhere else to turn.And CULLY HAMNER (Red, Batman and The Signal) returns to THE RIDE for an explosive story about stuffed bunnies and hand grenades.
The Ride: Burning Desire #3 (of 5) The Ride: Burning Desire #3 (of 5)

Rumble (2017) #15

WRITER: John Arcudi
ARTIST / COVER A: David Rubín
COVER B: Sanford Greene, Rico Renzi

AUGUST 14 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“LAST KNIGHT,” ConclusionThe end. Of everything! War, Famine, Pestilence couldn’t do it, but the last Scourge Knight—the Pale Void—could succeed where they failed. This issue also features a variant cover by SANFORD GREENE, the last in our series of variants celebrating African American comics artists.
Rumble (2017) #15 Rumble (2017) #15

Sea of Stars #2

WRITER: Dennis Hallum, Jason Aaron
ARTIST / COVER A: Stephen Green

AUGUST 07 / 32 pages / FC/ T / $3.99

“LOST IN THE WILDS OF HEAVEN,” Part Two (of Five) Space trucker Gil’s problems have gone from bad to worse after a giant leviathan destroyed his ship and probably killed his young son, Kadyn. He’s quickly losing oxygen and—after being attacked by weird aliens—thinks he might also be losing his mind. Meanwhile, Kadyn is very much alive and having a great time with his new best buds!
Sea of Stars #2

Section Zero #5 (of 6)

WRITER: Karl Kesel
ARTIST: Karl Kesel, Tom Grummett
COVER A: Tom Grummett, Karl Kesel
COVER B: José Luis García-López
COVER C: Kelley Jones

AUGUST 07 / 32 pages / FC/ E / $3.99

“STRANGE AND MYSTERIOUS CREATURES”Something horrible happened in the Green Swamp—something that changed Section Zero forever.
Section Zero #5 (of 6) Section Zero #5 (of 6) Section Zero #5 (of 6)

Sharkey The Bounty Hunter #6 (of 6)

WRITER: Mark Millar
ARTIST / COVER A / COVER B: Simone Bianchi
COVER C: Olivier Coipel

OCTOBER 23 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

It’s the final showdown! Sharkey faces off against rogue bounty hunters to seize Edra Deering and reclaim his snow-cone spaceship. Where will his next hunt take him, and what will become of Extra-Billy once the mission ends?
Sharkey The Bounty Hunter #6 (of 6) Sharkey The Bounty Hunter #6 (of 6)

Sonata #3

WRITER: Brian Haberlin, David Hine
ARTIST: Brian Haberlin, Geirrod van Dyke
COVER A / COVER B: Geirrod van Dyke, Brian Haberlin

AUGUST 14 / 36 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“PLAY IT SAFE, KILL ‘EM ALL!”Sonata continues her journey in the Southlands, where she encounters a naked madman and his imaginary lizard friend. Meanwhile, the other settlers are dealing with the havoc caused when a Sleeping Giant wakes.
Sonata #3 Sonata #3

Space Bandits #2 (of 5)

WRITER: Mark Millar
ARTIST / COVER A / COVER B: Matteo Scalera

AUGUST 07 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

The bandits are locked in a penal colony and looking to bust out. While Thena bulks up to compete in the Big Bout and earn her ticket to freedom, Cody puts her cunning mind to work on an escape plan. But how will they flee The Crustacean, and who’ll be their first target when they do?
Space Bandits #2 (of 5) Space Bandits #2 (of 5) Space Bandits #2 (of 5)

Space Bandits #2 (of 5) - Cover C Legends Variant

WRITER: Mark Millar
ARTIST: Matteo Scalera
COVER C: José Luis García-López

AUGUST 07 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $0.75

The bandits are locked in a penal colony and looking to bust out. While Thena bulks up to compete in the Big Bout and earn her ticket to freedom, Cody puts her cunning mind to work on an escape plan. But how will they flee The Crustacean, and who’ll be their first target when they do?
Space Bandits #2 (of 5) - Cover C Legends Variant

Thumbs #3 (of 5)

WRITER: Sean Lewis
ARTIST / COVER A: Hayden Sherman

AUGUST 07 / 52 pages / FC/ M / $4.99

Thumbs’ sister is brought face-to-face with the man she blames for destroying her family, while Thumbs witnesses the sacrifices the revolutionaries will make in order to ensure that he and his MOM™ can continue on their path to revenge.
Thumbs #3 (of 5)

Unearth #2

WRITER: Cullen Bunn, Kyle Strahm
ARTIST / COVER A: Baldemar Rivas
COVER B: Baldemar Rivas, Kyle Strahm

AUGUST 14 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Escorted by military hard cases, a group of scientists descend into a strange cave system in hopes of unlocking the secrets of a flesh-warping infection. But the cave system is crawling with hideous creatures that not only twist flesh, but minds as well! Is it possible this disease is working with a ghastly purpose? The nightmarish mystery deepens as this tale of terror from writers CULLEN BUNN (REGRESSION) and KYLE STRAHM (SPREAD) and rising star artist BALDEMAR RIVAS continues!
Unearth #2 Unearth #2

The Warning #10

WRITER / ARTIST / COVER A: Edward Laroche

AUGUST 14 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

“THE HOUSE OF FEVER” The first volume of THE WARNING comes to an end as Lieutenant Joshua confronts the architect of the invasion deep within the bowels of the alien ship.
The Warning #10

The Weatherman Vol. 2 #3

WRITER: Jody LeHeup
ARTIST / COVER A: Nathan Fox
COVER B: Andrew Robinson

AUGUST 21 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Still reeling from last issue’s shocking fatality, the crew of the Disco Queen carry on their relentless pursuit of the hard drive containing Nathan’s lost memory. But a pocket of elite resistance fighters stands in their way and force our heroes to make an excruciating choice—continue on their path to stop a second planet-destroying attack, or save the survivors of the first one…
The Weatherman Vol. 2 #3 The Weatherman Vol. 2 #3

DIE!DIE!DIE! Stealth Action Figure 2-Pack

AUGUST 28 / pages / / M / $60

Based on the action-packed comic series created by ROBERT KIRKMAN, SCOTT M. GIMPLE, and CHRIS BURNHAM, this stealth action figure 2-pack comes loaded with a cache of weapons to help elite assassins Nate and Paul with their secret missions. This limited edition set also includes the first trade paperback of DIE!DIE!DIE! with a cool variant cover.
DIE!DIE!DIE! Stealth Action Figure 2-Pack DIE!DIE!DIE! Stealth Action Figure 2-Pack


AUGUST 28 / pages / / T / $10

Show your love for the band, Brooticus, from DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON’s rockin’ series MURDER FALCON with this cool enamel pin!