Christopher Sebela

Christopher Sebela

Christopher Sebela is a two-time Eisner-nominated writer, designer, and publisher living and dying in Portland, Oregon. He’s the co-creator of Crowded, Shanghai Red, High Crimes, House Amok, Heartthrob, We(l)come Back, Dead Letters, Short Order Crooks, and The Death Defying. He also writes things in other peoples’ sandboxes sometimes. He is catnip for weirdos, father to a blockheaded dog named Zola, drinks toxic amounts of coffee, watches found footage horror movies, and sure loves writing about himself in the third person.

Latest Releases

Evolution #13 Evolution #13 Jan 16, 2019
Crowded #6 Crowded #6 Jan 2, 2019
Crowded #5 Crowded #5 Dec 5, 2018
Evolution #12 Evolution #12 Nov 21, 2018
Crowded #4 Crowded #4 Nov 7, 2018
Shanghai Red #5 Shanghai Red #5 Oct 31, 2018

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