Fired and ditched by Charlie, Vita sets off in hot pursuit of her former client and some answers. But Charlie’s not alone. She’s hired a brand new bodyguard, Circe, unaware she’s a killer who has been stalking Charlie since her crowdfunded assassination campaign began.

As this catastrophic throuple cat-and-mouses its way across America, feelings and knives and secrets will come out, including who started Charlie’s Reapr campaign and why everyone wants her dead. All leading to a bloody showdown with the shadowy group responsible for turning Charlie’s murder into a viral sensation.

The final arc of the GLAAD-nominated and two-time Eisner Award-nominated series by writer CHRISTOPHER SEBELA (SHANGHAI RED, HIGH CRIMES), artists RO STEIN & TED BRANDT (DC Pride, Captain Marvel), TRIONA FARRELL (Runaways, Mech Cadet Yu), and CARDINAL RAE (BINGO LOVE, ROSE).


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Collected Editions


Crowded #12 cover Crowded #12 Mar 25, 2020
Crowded #11 cover Crowded #11 Feb 5, 2020
Crowded #10 cover Crowded #10 Nov 20, 2019
Crowded #9 cover Crowded #9 Sep 4, 2019
Crowded #8 cover Crowded #8 Aug 7, 2019
Crowded #7 cover Crowded #7 Jul 3, 2019