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#Newcomicsday is 9/2

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The i Word: Emi Lenox on Plutona & Final Fantasy

Welcome to The i Word, the official podcast of Image Comics, hosted by David Brothers. In creator-owned comics, the creator is the real star, and the goal of the podcast is to not just talk comics with one creator at a time, but to give you a chance to see what influences them, too. For the first half of the show, we'll talk about their comics work. We'll discuss their process, collaborators, upcoming work, and other things related to their books. After that's done, we'll switch gears and talk about something they're passionate about, be it sports, video games, movies, or obscure b-sides from an ultra-specific microgenre of music. My guest this week is Emi Lenox, co-creator of PLUTONA with Jeff Lemire, which debuts this week, and the creator of EMITOWN, her long-running diary comic.


This episode is focused on Lenox's work with Jeff Lemire and Jordie Bellaire on PLUTONA. PLUTONA explores what happens when a group of five suburban kids discover the body of their world's greatest hero in the woods after school. Heartfelt and funny, PLUTONA dives deep into friendship and trust. In addition, we discuss Lenox's work on EMITOWN, available now in two volumes, and her Patreon. Finally, we close out the show with a discussion of her interest in the Final Fantasy video game franchise, most particularly Final Fantasy 9, a whismical fantasy tale, and Final Fantasy XIV, a massively multiplayer online role playing game.



Tune in next week for a conversation with Antony Johnston, co-creator of THE FUSE and the Image Expo-announced CODENAME BABOUSHKA!

PLUTONA features a story by Emi Lenox & Jeff Lemire, script by Jeff Lemire, art by Emi Lenox, colore by Jordie Bellaire, and letters by Steve Wands. PLUTONA #1 is on sale tomorrow, 9/2.


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