Edenwood Webskin

Monstress TP, Vol. 8

Series: Monstress

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The truth about the death of Maika’s mother has been revealed, and Maika has come undone. As her allies scramble to save her soul, they find themselves in the unlikeliest of places—the beautiful and brutal prison planet where the Monstra have long been locked away. This visit to the site of Zinn’s worst nightmares might just hold the key to Maika’s survival—and to the long-buried origins of the Known World.Collects MONSTRESS #42-47

Collected Editions


MONSTRESS #48 MONSTRESS #48 Sep 27, 2023
MONSTRESS #47 MONSTRESS #47 Aug 30, 2023
Monstress #46 Monstress #46 Jul 26, 2023
Monstress #44 Monstress #44 Mar 22, 2023
MONSTRESS #43 MONSTRESS #43 Feb 22, 2023