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Zack Kaplan

Zack Kaplan

Do you like cool, hard sci-fi? So does Zack Kaplan. Zack is a new comic book writer whose debut sci-fi series, Eclipse, burned up the scene in fall of 2016 to an amazing response and was quickly promoted from a mini to an ongoing series. Zack’s sophomore comic effort, Port of Earth, also published by Image Comics and Top Cow Productions, released November, 2017. Both Eclipse and Port of Earth are currently in development to be TV series. Zack has written Film/TV and also taught writing at the International Academy of Film and TV, located in the Philippines. Zack has more secret comic book projects in the works so stay tuned!

Latest Releases

Port of Earth #12 Port of Earth #12 Jul 17, 2019
Port of Earth #11 Port of Earth #11 Jun 19, 2019
Eclipse #16 Eclipse #16 Jun 5, 2019
Port of Earth #10 Port of Earth #10 May 15, 2019
Eclipse #15 Eclipse #15 May 1, 2019
Port of Earth #9 Port of Earth #9 Apr 17, 2019

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