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Solicitations for September 2021

June 25, 2021

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Chu #8

WRITER: John Layman
ARTIST / COVER A: Dan Boultwood

SEPTEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Saffron Chu just stumbled across the score of a lifetime. But can she stay drunk enough to pull it off?
Chu #8

Compass #4 (of 5)

WRITER: Dave Walker, Robert Mackenzie
ARTIST / COVER A: Justin Greenwood

SEPTEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ T / $3.99

GREG RUCKA proudly presents a new direction in adventure with…COMPASS!

Deep in the belly of the underworld, undying beasts and warrior ghouls await…but can Shahidah El-Amin survive the last deadly guardian of the fabled Cauldron of Eternal Life? Finding her way through the darkness is only the beginning—outside the cavern, a Mongolian war party awaits! From the acclaimed OLD GUARD: TALES THROUGH TIME team of writers ROBERT MACKENZIE and DAVE WALKER (LAZARUS SOURCEBOOK) and artist JUSTIN GREENWOOD (LAZARUS: X +66, Stumptown), Shahi's quest for the prize of immortality nears its thrilling end!
Compass #4 (of 5)

Deadly Class, Vol. 10: Save Your Generation TP

WRITER: Rick Remender

OCTOBER 20 / 136 pages / FC/ M / $15.99


Everyone’s favorite assassin undergrads are back! It’s a new era, but old habits die hard—and old grudges die even harder. Can the latchkey kids of a forgotten generation find their footing in a world that can’t understand them and doesn't care to try?

Collects DEADLY CLASS #45-48
Deadly Class, Vol. 10: Save Your Generation TP

Destroy All Monsters: A Reckless Book HC

WRITER: Ed Brubaker
ARTIST: Jacob Phillips, Sean Phillips
COVER A: Sean Phillips

OCTOBER 20 / 144 pages / FC/ M / $24.99

The next book in the red-hot RECKLESS series is here!

"Oh man, this book pushed every crime fiction button for me...Bliss." —PATTON OSWALT

Bestselling crime noir masters ED BRUBAKER and SEAN PHILLIPS bring us a new original graphic novel starring troublemaker-for-hire Ethan Reckless.

It's 1988, and Ethan has been hired for his strangest case yet: finding the secrets of a Los Angeles real estate mogul. How hard could that be, right? But what starts as a deep dive into the life of a stranger will soon take a deadly turn, and Ethan will risk everything that still matters to him.

Another smash hit from the award-winning creators of RECKLESS, PULP, MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN JUNKIES, CRIMINAL, and KILL OR BE KILLED—and a must-have for all BRUBAKER and PHILLIPS fans!
Destroy All Monsters: A Reckless Book HC

Fire Power by Kirkman & Samnee #15

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Chris Samnee, Matthew Roberts
COVER A: Matthew Wilson, Chris Samnee

SEPTEMBER 01 / 28 pages / FC/ T / $3.99

The Serpent’s Omen takes hold! Owen has no choice but to fight back! Will the Fire Power be enough?
Fire Power by Kirkman & Samnee #15

Head Lopper, Vol. 4: Head Lopper & The Quest for Mulgrid's Stair TP


SEPTEMBER 29 / 216 pages / FC/ M / $16.99

With high-stakes action and big imagination, Norgal and Agatha embark on a quest to find an invisible staircase to the heavens, atop which sits Mulgrid the All-Knowing. With dark assassins everywhere, Norgal hopes the aid of Mulgrid will give him the upper hand. Slashing their way through gorgons, bombing their way past gargantuan spiders, and navigating the politics of a kingdom on the brink of collapse, the fellowship must make teamwork a priority to survive.Collects HEAD LOPPER #13-16
Head Lopper, Vol. 4: Head Lopper & The Quest for Mulgrid's Stair TP

Hey Kids! Comics! Vol. II: Prophets & Loss #5 (of 6)

WRITER / ARTIST / COVER A: Howard Chaykin

SEPTEMBER 01 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

New blood makes waves on and off the page, as acknowledged giants learn just how worthless that acknowledgment is.

And don’t worry about management. They’ve still got plenty of screwing over talent to keep them busy.
Hey Kids! Comics! Vol. II: Prophets & Loss #5 (of 6)

Inkblot #12

WRITER / ARTIST / COVER A: Emma Kubert, Rusty Gladd

SEPTEMBER 01 / 24 pages / FC/ T / $3.99

The Seeker attempts to feed the cat, determined to get it to like her. It denies her efforts and leads her again to the Mountainlands, where further peril befalls them both.
Inkblot #12

Jules Verne's Lighthouse TP

WRITER: Brian Haberlin, David Hine
ARTIST: Brian Haberlin, Geirrod van Dyke
COVER A: Geirrod van Dyke, Brian Haberlin

OCTOBER 13 / 168 pages / FC/ M / $16.99

In this adaptation of the JULES VERNE classic, set in the year 2717, the Lighthouse is a supercomputer the size of a skyscraper that guides spacecraft through a turbulent sea of wormholes. Maria Vasquez has chosen this isolated base to escape her troubled past, but now she and her glitchy nanny bot, Moses, are the only ones who can stop a crew of murderous pirates from seizing the most devastating weapons ever created.


Select praise for JULES VERNE’S LIGHTHOUSE:"Jules Verne's: Lighthouse gets a sci-fi twist and casts readers into the high seas of outer space for a swashbuckling cyberpunk saga."—Space.com

"Brings Verne's vision to life in a sleek and colorful way that will appease fans."—ComicBook.com

"A bold take on a classic, infusing science fiction elements into an already thrilling tale."—Monkeys Fighting Robots
Jules Verne's Lighthouse TP

Lady Mechanika, Vol. 3 TP

ARTIST: Martin Montiel, Beth Sotelo, Peter Steigerwald, Joe Benitez
COVER A: Peter Steigerwald, Joe Benitez

SEPTEMBER 29 / 64 pages / FC/ T+ / $7.99

Lady Mechanika’s investigation into the murders of "undesirable" children in Mechanika City triggers an unexpected reaction from her subconscious self. Could the killer somehow be connected to Lady Mechanika’s mysterious past? A great entry point for new readers into this imaginative steampunk series!

Lady Mechanika, Vol. 3 TP

Made in Korea #5 (of 6)

WRITER: Jeremy Holt
ARTIST / COVER A: George Schall

OCTOBER 27 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

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Made in Korea #5 (of 6)

Monstress, Vol. 6: The Vow TP

WRITER: Marjorie Liu
ARTIST / COVER A: Sana Takeda

SEPTEMBER 15 / 184 pages / FC/ M / $16.99

War has engulfed the Known World, and Maika Halfwolf is at its epicenter. As she and her friends grapple with the consequences of their actions, long-buried secrets and long-awaited reunions threaten to change everything. Join MARJORIE LIU and SANA TAKEDA in the newest volume of this Eisner, Hugo, Harvey, and British Fantasy Award-winning series.

Plus, learn about the happier childhood days of Kippa and Maika in MONSTRESS: TALK-STORIES 1 and 2!

Monstress, Vol. 6: The Vow TP

Nocterra, Vol. 1: Full Throttle Dark TP

WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST / COVER A: Tomeu Morey, Tony Daniel

OCTOBER 13 / 168 pages / FC/ M / $9.99

It’s been 10 years since Val Riggs saw the sun swallowed up by darkness. Ten years since nearly everyone she knew was infected and changed into hideous shades. Now a ferryman providing transport for people and goods, she traverses the deadly unlit roads in her eighteen-wheeler, taking on whatever evils the night provides. When the promise of an illuminated sanctuary crosses her path, Val must undergo a journey far beyond the limits of any ferryman before her. But with a loved one in the throes of infection, time is running short…

Legendary creators SCOTT SNYDER (Dark Knights: Death Metal, WYTCHES) and TONY S. DANIEL (Batman, Deathstroke) unveil horrors beyond any shade in this pulse-pounding new ONGOING SERIES.

Collects NOCTERRA #1-6

Select praise for NOCTERRA:

"An amazing example of what top-tier creative talent can do."—ScreenRant

"A great post-apocalyptic hook, the art is gorgeous."—SYFY WIRE

"A full throttle, Mad Max-type adventure."—Forbes

"Thrilling."—Comic Book Resources

"My favorite thing SCOTT SNYDER's done since WYTCHES...and I legitimately think this might be TONY DANIEL's best work to date."—JAMES TYNION IV

"An apocalyptic monster hunt you won't want to miss!"—MARGUERITE BENNETT

"A big-budget shadowy apocalypse...Go see."—KIERON GILLEN

"It's as good as you have heard. It's actually better. Everyone else is driving a Kia Sportage and this is a Porsche. You will enjoy it!"—GAIL SIMONE
Nocterra, Vol. 1: Full Throttle Dark TP

Oblivion Song by Kirkman & De Felici #34

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Annalisa Leoni, Lorenzo De Felici
COVER A: Lorenzo De Felici

OCTOBER 27 / 28 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

The war with the Kuthaal intensifies after Nathan’s actions in Los Angeles. Could this mean the end of all life on Earth? The stakes have never been higher! Only three issues left! Who will survive to the final issue—if anyone?
Oblivion Song by Kirkman & De Felici #34

Oddly Normal, Book 4 TP

WRITER / ARTIST / COVER A: Otis Frampton

OCTOBER 13 / 136 pages / FC/ E / $12.99

Oddly’s adventures in Fignation continue as two mysterious figures from the past return to cause trouble for her and her friends.
Oddly Normal, Book 4 TP

Sea of Stars #11

WRITER: Dennis Hallum, Jason Aaron
ARTIST / COVER A: Rico Renzi, Stephen Green

NOVEMBER 10 / 32 pages / FC/ T / $3.99

The explosive SERIES FINALE! After searching desperately through the wild seas of space, the star-swimming Kadyn and his father Gil have found each other at last. Just in time for the universe to be consumed by an ancient darkness greater than anything they ever imagined. All the secrets of the stars will be revealed!
Sea of Stars #11

Second Chances #2

WRITER: Ricky Mammone
ARTIST / COVER A: Max Bertolini

SEPTEMBER 22 / 32 pages / BW/ M / $3.99

After navigating the tragedy of the Ramos family, Leblanc is now painfully behind schedule. Desperate for a solution, he is coerced into going on a "date" with his ex-lover, and psychopathic hit-woman, Miss Nobody. Things will most definitely get weird.
Second Chances #2

St. Mercy #2 (of 4)

WRITER: John Zuur Platten
ARTIST / COVER A: Atilio Rojo

SEPTEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

When a desperate outlaw discovers Mercy's secret, he leaves her for dead and seeks the support of his former band of thieves to steal the cache of cursed Incan gold. But things begin to spin out of control when the gang and their leader, Frank, pay a visit to Mercy and her father, Neto, intent on taking the gold for themselves. Little do they know, there’s an ancient fire that they are about to ignite.
St. Mercy #2 (of 4)

Stillwater by Zdarsky & Pérez #11

WRITER: Chip Zdarsky
ARTIST: Ramón K. Pérez, Mike Spicer
COVER A: Ramón K. Pérez

NOVEMBER 10 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Who are the true masterminds behind the courthouse explosion? And what do they really want?
Stillwater by Zdarsky & Pérez #11

Stray Dogs TP

WRITER: Tony Fleecs
ARTIST: Tone Rodriguez, Trish Forstner, Brad Simpson
COVER A: Trish Forstner, Tony Fleecs

SEPTEMBER 15 / 152 pages / FC/ / $16.99

It’s scary being the new dog.

In this suspenseful new series, readers meet Sophie, a dog who can’t remember what happened. She doesn’t know how she ended up in this house. She doesn’t recognize any of these other dogs. She knows something terrible happened, but she just…can’t…recall…Wait! Where’s her lady? Now Sophie has to figure out where she is, what’s happening, and how she’s going to survive this.

They say there’s no such thing as a bad dog—just bad owners.

STRAY DOGS is a heartbreakingly adorable suspense thriller by My Little Pony comic artists TONY FLEECS and TRISH FORSTNER. It’s Lady and the Tramp meets Silence of the Lambs.

Collects STRAY DOGS #1-5 Select praise for STRAY DOGS:"What do you get when you crossbreed Silence of the Lambs with All Dogs Go to Heaven? Well, you get STRAY DOGS."—Forbes "It's not something that comes around every day, and if you enjoy trying new twists on classic comics premises, this should be at the top of your list."—ComicBook.com"STRAY DOGS manages to somehow be a convincing collision between 101 Dalmations and CRIMINAL. Noir, charming and a really great take on quasi-real dog psychology."—KIERON GILLEN"A charming, compelling comic with the best kind of sinister center."—Multiversity Comics"May catch your eye with its Disney-like style, but it will grab you with a riveting and shocking story that will keep you coming back for more."—Horror DNA
Stray Dogs TP

Summoner's War: Legacy #6

WRITER: Justin Jordan
ARTIST / COVER A: Luca Claretti, Giovanna Niro

SEPTEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ T / $3.99

It all comes down to this. For Abuus…and for all of Alea…Rai must become the summoner they all need in their hour of crisis.
Summoner's War: Legacy #6

Swing, Vol. 4 OGN TP

WRITER: Matt Hawkins

SEPTEMBER 22 / 128 pages / FC/ M / $16.99

A SUNSTONE crossover event! Dan and Cathy are on a trip to New York and decide to visit the BDSM club featured in the SUNSTONE books by STJEPAN ŠEJIĆ. Hijinks ensue as some familiar characters from SUNSTONE meet our swinging duo! And, oh yeah, Cathy is pregnant!
Swing, Vol. 4 OGN TP

That Texas Blood #10

WRITER: Chris Condon
ARTIST / COVER A: Jacob Phillips

SEPTEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

"EVERSAUL, 1981," Part FourA heated argument between Sheriff Cooper and Eversaul leads Joe Bob to make a radical decision to help find the missing girl.
That Texas Blood #10

The Good Asian, Vol. 1 TP

WRITER: Pornsak Pichetshote
ARTIST: Alexandre Tefenkgi, Lee Loughridge
COVER A: Dave Johnson

SEPTEMBER 29 / 128 pages / FC/ M / $14.99

Writer PORNSAK PICHETSHOTE’s long-awaited follow-up to the critically acclaimed INFIDEL with stunning art by ALEXANDRE TEFENKGI (OUTPOST ZERO)! Following Edison Hark—a haunted, self-loathing Chinese-American detective—on the trail of a killer in 1936 Chinatown, THE GOOD ASIAN is Chinatown noir starring the first generation of Americans to come of age under an immigration ban, the Chinese, as they’re besieged by rampant murders, abusive police, and a world that seemingly never changes.

Collects THE GOOD ASIAN #1-4, plus covers by SANA TAKEDA, ANNIE WU, JEN BARTEL, DAVE JOHNSON, and more.

Select praise for THE GOOD ASIAN:

"Both important and incredibly fun. Don’t miss it."—SCOTT SNYDER (Batman, NOCTERRA)

"A smart, classic noir drenched in style and history."—JAMES TYNION IV (THE DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH, Batman)

"One of the best debuts of the year… ambitious, engrossing, and relevant." – The Hollywood Reporter

"Absolutely the best kind of comics noir."—KIERON GILLEN (THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, DIE)

"The best noir comic I've read in years. It's taut, evocative, and though it's set nearly 100 years ago, incredibly relevant."—G. WILLOW WILSON (Ms. Marvel)

"Fantastic."—JEFF LEMIRE (GIDEON FALLS, Sweet Tooth)

"This is the book I've been waiting for."—CLIFF CHIANG (PAPER GIRLS)
The Good Asian, Vol. 1 TP

The Me You Love In The Dark #2 (of 5)

WRITER: Skottie Young
ARTIST / COVER A: Jorge Corona

SEPTEMBER 08 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Artist Ro, hiding out in an old house, hoping for artistic lightning to strike, begins to feel even more strongly connected with the shadowy presence she’s been communicating with.

Writer SKOTTIE YOUNG (I HATE FAIRYLAND, Deadpool, Strange Academy) and artist JORGE CORONA (NO. 1 WITH A BULLET, Super Sons, Feathers) follow up their critically acclaimed series MIDDLEWEST with a brand-new haunting tale. Fans of STEPHEN KING and NEIL GAIMAN will enjoy this beautiful, dark, and disturbing story of discovery, love, and terror.
The Me You Love In The Dark #2 (of 5)

The Scumbag, Vol. 2: Moonflower TP

WRITER: Rick Remender
ARTIST: Alex Riegel, Francesco Mobili, Bengal, Matias Bergara, Jonathan Wayshack
COVER A: Greg Tocchini

OCTOBER 27 / 144 pages / FC/ M / $16.99

"MOONFLOWER"The world, once again, rests in the hands of the worst person on it! Ernie Ray Clementine—a profane, illiterate, drug-addicted biker—accidentally received a power-imbuing serum, making him the world’s most powerful super spy. This time, Ernie is going to the moon to stop MADAM HIVE—leader of an evil hippie cult, THE MOONFLOWER—who plans to use a mind-altering love-ray to transform every human on Earth into a like-minded hippie.

Collects THE SCUMBAG #6-10
The Scumbag, Vol. 2: Moonflower TP

The Silver Coin, Vol. 1 TP

WRITER: Kelly Thompson, Jeff Lemire, Chip Zdarsky, Ed Brisson, Michael Walsh
ARTIST / COVER A: Michael Walsh

OCTOBER 06 / 128 pages / FC/ M / $16.99

The story starts with a failing rock band whose fortune changes overnight when they find the mysterious Silver Coin. Next, it helps handle some mean girls at sleep-away camp. Follow the curious token as it changes hands over centuries—from Puritan New England to the scavenged junklands of 2467—and discover how much pain a cursed coin can purchase.

Eisner-winning artist MICHAEL WALSH (Star Wars, Black Hammer/Justice League) teams with all-star collaborators—CHIP ZDARSKY (STILLWATER), KELLY THOMPSON (Sabrina the Teenage Witch), ED BRISSON (Old Man Logan), and JEFF LEMIRE (GIDEON FALLS)—on this new ONGOING horror anthology series for mature readers.

Collects THE SILVER COIN #1-5

Select praise for THE SILVER COIN:"Takes classic tropes and injects them with a punk rock energy."—AIPT"Top notch, delivering solid character work, incredible artwork, and an intriguing story."—Horror DNA"An engrossing tale."—ComicBook.com"A fantastic modern horror anthology. This first installment is sort of an updated version of Hans Christian Andersen's The Red Shoes, by way of Tenacious D's The Pick of Destiny, but way better than that sounds."—Comicon"Dark and twisted and hits on all the right tones."—Monkeys Fighting Robots
The Silver Coin, Vol. 1 TP

Trover Saves The Universe #2


SEPTEMBER 08 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Based on the acclaimed video game by Rick & Morty co-creator, JUSTIN ROILAND!

Falsely accused of murdering their co-worker, ICJ employees Klover and Bo flee to Chairorpia, home to the laziest beings in the universe. But when a new Cosmic Job pits Klover and Bo against each other, their rivalry threatens to derail their hunt for the real killer!
Trover Saves The Universe #2

Ultramega by James Harren, Vol. 1 TP

WRITER / COVER A: James Harren
ARTIST: James Harren, Dave Stewart

OCTOBER 13 / 208 pages / FC/ M / $19.99

A cosmic plague has spread, transforming everyday people into violent, monstrous kaiju. Only the Ultramega—three individuals imbued with incredible powers—hold the line against this madness. Their battles level cities and leave untold horror in their wake. Now, the final reckoning approaches for the Ultramega…but is this a war they can even win?

Fight monsters and stand with humanity in this new Skybound Original from the greatest artist of his generation, JAMES HARREN (RUMBLE, BPRD) and Eisner Award-winning colorist DAVE STEWART (Black Hammer).


Select praise for ULTRAMEGA: "An absolute powerhouse debut and easily the most ambitious and refined new comic of 2021 thus far."—ComicBook.com"Takes sentai sensibilities and kaiju level threats and uses them to terrifying effect."—Comic Book Resources"There may not be a better example of what the comic medium is capable of on stands this month—or frankly, this year."—Multiversity Comics"Gorgeous and horrifying visuals—an absolute must-read."—Comicon.com"The artwork shines throughout and the opening scenes mix the horror with some fun humor."—AIPT
Ultramega by James Harren, Vol. 1 TP

Vinyl #4 (of 6)

WRITER: Doug Wagner
ARTIST / COVER A: Daniel Hillyard, Dave Stewart

SEPTEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Walter can’t remember who he is, and without him, this serial killer rescue mission is doomed. In other "sunflower death cult news," the Beast and Mother are loose, Guy and Vic brawl against a frenzy of Sunflower Girls, and Rennie has run off to make clothing from human flesh.
Vinyl #4 (of 6)

Ant #2


FEBRUARY 02 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

Young Hannah Washington is recruited by the United States government and sent behind enemy lines to contend with murderous zealots hellbent on destroying America in this jaw-dropping, head-busting, bone-breaking, assault on your senses from acclaimed author ERIK LARSEN!
Ant #2 Ant #2

Adventureman #5

WRITER: Matt Fraction
ARTIST / COVER A: Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson

SEPTEMBER 29 / 32 pages / FC/ E / $3.99

As New York City teeters on the brink of a strange armageddon, Claire tries the Adventureman mantle on for size just in time to face the monstrous evil that vanquished her predecessor—only he didn't have a family like hers.
Adventureman #5

The Beauty: All Good Things One-Shot

WRITER: Jeremy Haun, Jason A. Hurley
ARTIST: Jeremy Haun, Matthew Dow Smith
COVER A: Jeremy Haun, Nick Filardi

SEPTEMBER 01 / 48 pages / FC/ M / $4.99

JEREMY HAUN and JASON A. HURLEY, along with artist MATTHEW DOW SMITH, return to the devastating world of THE BEAUTY for a 48-page special, showcasing the finale of the ground-breaking horror series. #BEAUTYFREE
The Beauty: All Good Things One-Shot

Commanders in Crisis #12 (of 12)

WRITER: Steve Orlando
ARTIST / COVER A: Davide Tinto
COVER B: Yanick Paquette

SEPTEMBER 01 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

All this time, the Crisis Command has fought to undo what’s been done. From the death of empathy, to the passage of the American Individuality Act, they’ve tried to preserve what they thought was right, what the world needed. But with all of existence in the hands of the world’s population, in OUR hands, thanks to the power of a word, will the ideas of the past save us? Or will they die to give birth to something new? Superheroes haven’t saved the world, so the Crisis Command, and all of us, have to be something better.
Commanders in Crisis #12 (of 12) Commanders in Crisis #12 (of 12)

Crossover #10

WRITER: Donny Cates
ARTIST / COVER A: Dee Cunniffe, Geoff Shaw, John J. Hill

DECEMBER 08 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

"MEANWHILE," Part Three
"Hey hey! We’re back with another mysterious slaughter-filled romp! And man oh man, is this one...honestly, guys, there’s not much I can say here without spoiling every single page. Look, I don’t know, guys. Writing solicitations is hard. Come read our crazy little book!!"
Crossover #10

Deep Beyond #8 (of 12)

WRITER: David Goy, Mirka Andolfo
ARTIST / COVER A: Andrea Broccardo
COVER B: Mirka Andolfo
COVER C: Giuseppe Camuncoli
COVER D: Laura Braga

SEPTEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

The underwater world didn't seem so bad, apart from the small detail of time flowing very differently than our own...Uh? What do you mean that's not the only problem? That’s true, the (now enlarged) gang is used to dealing with problems, but perhaps they would rather it not all be a huge mess, just once…
Deep Beyond #8 (of 12)

Die #20

WRITER: Kieron Gillen
ARTIST: Stephanie Hans
COVER A: Kim Jung Gi

SEPTEMBER 29 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

"Bleed," Part Five

You can never go home, said Sol, way back in issue two. Let’s see if he was right.
Die #20 Die #20

Echolands #1 Raw Cut Edition

WRITER: J.H. Williams III, W. Haden Blackman
ARTIST: J.H. Williams III, Todd Klein
COVER A / COVER B: J.H. Williams III

SEPTEMBER 29 / 44 pages / FC/ M / $4.99

Each issue of ECHOLANDS will offer a Raw Cut Edition, featuring the art from J. H. WILLIAMS III as it looked leaving his work studio. And we’ve kept the lettering intact in a translucent form.

In a bizarre future world that has forgotten its history, a reckless thief, Hope Redhood, holds the key to excavating its dark, strange past—if only she and her crew can escape a tyrannical wizard and his unstoppable daughter. But fate will send them all on a path leading to a war between worlds.

ECHOLANDS is a landscape-format mythic-fiction epic where anything is possible—a fast-paced genre mashup adventure that combines everything from horror movie vampires to classic mobsters and cyborg elves to Roman demigods and retro rocket ships. It’s going to be a helluva ride!
Echolands #1 Raw Cut Edition Echolands #1 Raw Cut Edition

Echolands #2

WRITER: J.H. Williams III, W. Haden Blackman
ARTIST: J.H. Williams III, Dave Stewart
COVER A: J.H. Williams III
COVER B: Alison Sampson

SEPTEMBER 29 / 44 pages / FC/ M / $4.99

THE MAJOR IMAGE COMICS EVENT OF 2021 CONTINUES…Hope Redhood and her companions, Cor, Caniff, Castrum, Dena, Rabbit, and Rosa, are on the run from the Wizard, Teros Demond, and his terrifying daughter. Why is the Wizard willing to kill to regain his stolen gem? Can Hope and her crew escape the strange robots lurking in the tunnels beneath San Francisco? And will they survive a betrayal by the pirate captain, Bloody Gums?
Echolands #2 Echolands #2

Frontiersman #1

WRITER: Patrick Kindlon
ARTIST: Marco Ferrari
COVER A: Maurizio Rosenzweig
COVER B: Matteo Scalera

SEPTEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

PATIENCE! CONVICTION! REVENGE! PATRICK KINDLON & MARCO FERRARI return with an all-new ONGOING SERIES! Classic Green Arrow-style adventure blends with the thoughtfulness of Concrete in a superhero odyssey for mature but uncynical readers! Frontiersman is coaxed out of retirement by an environmentalist group, only to find that being a spokesperson makes him a target for old and new enemies alike! For the superhero reader looking for more.
Frontiersman #1 Frontiersman #1

Geiger #6

WRITER: Geoff Johns
ARTIST / COVER A: Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
COVER B: Simone Bianchi
COVER C: Jamal Igle
COVER D: Gary Frank

SEPTEMBER 01 / 52 pages / FC/ T+ / $4.99

The first volume of Image Comics’ newest hit hero, GEIGER, concludes with this DOUBLE-SIZED ACTION FINALE as our resident radioactive rebel takes on a relic from the past to save his family’s future. But the adventures are only beginning for Geiger, as he discovers a secret about the Unknown War and its mysterious origins. Plus, a special sneak preview of GEOFF JOHNS and GARY FRANK’s next upcoming title in the Geigerverse and much, much more!

By the critically acclaimed team of GEOFF JOHNS, GARY FRANK, and BRAD ANDERSON
Geiger #6

Haha TP

WRITER: W. Maxwell Prince
ARTIST: Gabriel Walta, Zoe Thorogood, Patrick Horvath, Martín Morazzo, Vanesa R. Del Rey
COVER A: Vanesa R. Del Rey

SEPTEMBER 29 / 176 pages / FC/ M / $16.99

ICE CREAM MAN writer W. MAXWELL PRINCE brings his signature style of one-shot storytelling to the world of clowns—and he’s invited SOME OF THE BEST ARTISTS IN COMICS to join him for the ride.

HAHA is a genre-jumping, throat-lumping look at the sad, scary, hilarious life of those who get paid to play the fool—but these ain’t your typical jokers.

With chapters drawn by VANESA DEL REY (REDLANDS), GABRIEL WALTA (Vision), ROGER LANGRIDGE (Thor), and more, HAHA peeks under the big top, over the rainbow, and even inside a balloon to tell a wide-ranging slew of stories about "funny" men and women, proving that some things are so sad you just have to laugh.

Collects HAHA #1-6Select praise for HAHA: "Full of pathos, pitch perfect art, and literary maturity, this story has the markings of a true classic."—Multiversity Comics"While the initial premise might mirror iconic trajectories, readers will surely be won over by what looks to be a more nuanced and sophisticated exploration of Bartleby's desperation that won't have to rely on gimmicks or gags to delight its audience."—ComicBook.com"While HAHA treads deeply into clown-fueled misery… Cover-to-cover this is a comic of broken dreams with sinister undertones all behind a veneer of cheap make-up; that narrative spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down."—Comic Book Resources
Haha TP

Home Sick Pilots #9

WRITER: Dan Watters
ARTIST / COVER A: Caspar Wijngaard
COVER B: Adam Gorham

SEPTEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

A national trauma has been successfully weaponized—which is probably fine and very unlikely to end in tears or provoke an army of ghosts to flood from the earth to seek revenge.
Home Sick Pilots #9 Home Sick Pilots #9

Ice Cream Man #26

WRITER: W. Maxwell Prince
ARTIST / COVER A: Chris O’Halloran, Martín Morazzo
COVER B: Alex Eckman-Lawn

OCTOBER 20 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

"UNFORTUNATE ANCESTRY"Some families are completely sideways.
Ice Cream Man #26 Ice Cream Man #26

Jupiter's Legacy: Requiem #4 (of 12)

WRITER: Mark Millar
ARTIST / COVER A: Tommy Lee Edwards
COVER B: Alex Garner

SEPTEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Abducted by the aliens from the island, the new Utopian returns to Earth with no memory of what happened. Meanwhile, Hutch is now divorced from Chloe and going back to his old criminal ways, wearing his father's Skyfox costume and hoping to make a little drug money by joining a supervillain gang for the biggest raid of his career.
Jupiter's Legacy: Requiem #4 (of 12) Jupiter's Legacy: Requiem #4 (of 12) Jupiter's Legacy: Requiem #4 (of 12)

Killadelphia #17

WRITER: Rodney Barnes
ARTIST / COVER A: Jason Shawn Alexander
COVER B: Kent Williams

SEPTEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

"HOME IS WHERE THE HATRED IS," Part FiveThe critically acclaimed, smash-hit horror series continues! From RODNEY BARNES, the writer behind such hit shows as Marvel’s Runaways and STARZ’s American Gods, and JASON SHAWN ALEXANDER, the artist who redefined SPAWN.

The madness continues as Abigail brings her full might against the Sangsters and her ex-husband John Adams, but a new vampire king has entered the game, and his name is Thomas Jefferson! Now, with the mysteries of life, death, and sorcery unlocked before him, the third President of the United States has a plan to (literally) raise hell in the streets as he sets forth to craft a new America far more twisted than the one he sought to create two and a half centuries ago.

Also includes the next chapter of ELYSIUM GARDENS, the terrifying werewolf back-up story with art by CHRISTOPHER MITTEN!
Killadelphia #17 Killadelphia #17

King Spawn #2

WRITER: Sean Lewis, Todd McFarlane
ARTIST: Javier Fernandez
COVER A: Don Aguillo
COVER B: Todd McFarlane

SEPTEMBER 22 / 28 pages / FC/ T+ / $2.99

One of the most vile and horrific villains in the SPAWN mythology returns:

Billy Kincaid…now, simply called KINCAID.

But his new campaign to murder is more than it seems. Like everyone else in SPAWN’S UNIVERSE…battle lines have been drawn, and all-out war is about to be unleashed.
King Spawn #2

Luther Strode: The Complete Series TP

WRITER: Justin Jordan, Tradd Moore
ARTIST: Tradd Moore, Felipe Sobreiro
COVER A: Felipe Sobreiro, Tradd Moore

OCTOBER 20 / 544 pages / FC/ M / $39.99


"This book is gore-ious." —Comic Book Resources

Luther Strode is an average teenage nerd until he sends away for the Hercules Method, a bodybuilding course that promises to give him the body of his dreams. But the powers he unleashes make him a target for a murder cult as old as mankind, cost him almost everything, and take him across the world in the fight to take back his life.

Luther Strode: The Complete Series TP

A Man Among Ye #7

WRITER: Stephanie Phillips
ARTIST / COVER A: Josh George, John Kalisz
COVER B: Leisha Riddel

OCTOBER 27 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

Seeking a mysterious treasure at the urging of an even more mysterious woman, Anne Bonny and her crew of cutthroat ladies head back to the high seas. But will they find untold gold and jewels where X marks the spot, or is something far more sinister waiting for them?
A Man Among Ye #7 A Man Among Ye #7

M.O.M.: Mother of Madness #3 (of 3)

WRITER: Emilia Clarke, Marguerite Bennett
ARTIST: Leila Leiz
COVER A: Jo Ratcliffe

OCTOBER 27 / 40 pages / FC/ M / $4.99

Game Of Thrones superstar EMILIA CLARKE concludes the FINAL ISSUE of the OVERSIZED THREE-ISSUE MINISERIES! Maya’s son was kidnapped by the treacherous traffickers, and now it’s up to her and her misfit mob of BFFs—if she can escape her enemies and her past! Who’s gonna clean up this mess?!
M.O.M.: Mother of Madness #3 (of 3)

Man-Eaters: The Cursed #3 (of 5)

WRITER: Chelsea Cain
ARTIST / COVER A / COVER B: Lia Miternique

SEPTEMBER 15 / 28 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

This book is required reading for all young witches. It is routinely updated with the latest frog self-defense techniques. Other topics include the history of Craft Camp, potion-making, fairy identification, the rules of Pickleball, and necromancy. Now with spell cards! Clip and save! Please bring this book with you to camp.
Man-Eaters: The Cursed #3 (of 5) Man-Eaters: The Cursed #3 (of 5)

Mirka Andolfo's Sweet Paprika #3 (of 12)

WRITER / ARTIST / COVER A: Mirka Andolfo
COVER B: Terry Dodson
COVER C: Yanick Paquette
COVER D: Humberto Ramos

SEPTEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Paprika’s "forced fun" night doesn't seem to be too bad, perhaps—but, in the end, not too great either. Come on, staying together for so long, for no real reason...how can people like it? Then, while her father seems to be recovered and healthy again, Paprika will have a nasty surprise...
Mirka Andolfo's Sweet Paprika #3 (of 12)

Ordinary Gods #3

WRITER: Kyle Higgins
ARTIST / COVER A: Felipe Watanabe

SEPTEMBER 08 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Paris! City of Light! The awakened gods are on the hunt for the Trickster—but how do you find one person in a city of millions? And they'll need to hurry—because on the Plane of the Gods, those who remain are starting to move against them.
Ordinary Gods #3

Primordial #1 (of 6)

WRITER: Jeff Lemire
ARTIST / COVER A: Andrea Sorrentino
COVER B: Christian Ward
COVER C: Dustin Nguyen
COVER D: Yuko Shimizu

SEPTEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Mind-bending sci-fi collides with Cold War thriller in this six-issue miniseries by the bestselling and Eisner-winning creative team behind GIDEON FALLS! In 1957, the USSR launched the dog, Laika, into Earth's orbit. Two years later, the USA responded with two monkeys, Able and Baker. These animals never returned. But, unbeknownst to everyone, they did not die in orbit…they were taken. And now they are coming home.
Primordial #1 (of 6)

Radiant Black #8

WRITER: Kyle Higgins
ARTIST: Marcelo Costa
COVER A: Felipe Watanabe
COVER B: Jose Carlos
COVER C: Tyler Kirkham

SEPTEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ / $3.99

The battle for the Radiants tears through Chicago. Can this unlikely new team stand against an enemy who knows more about their powers than they do? And even if they win...what happens next?
Radiant Black #8 Radiant Black #8 Radiant Black #8

Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton #4

WRITER: Kyle Starks
ARTIST / COVER A: Chris Schweizer
COVER B: John Allison

SEPTEMBER 08 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

My friends, our screwball quintet are planning a heist! But will this team-up survive? Will they finally get their man? What to expect: Idiotic plots! Kung Fu Action! Stuntman warfare! Bad ideas! Good ideas! Twists! Turns! Questionable detective work!
Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton #4

Spawn #322

WRITER / COVER B: Todd McFarlane
ARTIST: Carlo Barberi
COVER A: Björn Barends

SEPTEMBER 29 / 28 pages / FC/ T / $2.99

From the pages of Spawn’s Universe, the DISRUPTOR returns…

But Spawn is already fighting another battle. How can he be in two places at the same time? And if he can’t be…then someone dies!
Spawn #322

Syphon #3 (of 3)

WRITER: Patrick Meaney, Mohsen Ashraf
ARTIST / COVER A: Jeff Edwards, John Kalisz
COVER B: Steve Cleff

SEPTEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ T+ / $3.99

When Sylas was gifted with the power to siphon other people’s pain from them and take it on himself, he never could have imagined that he was the latest in a line stretching back to the dawn of civilization or that his dark mentor Antonio has been killing those with the power for millennia. Trapped by Antonio, Sylas must go on a trippy mental journey to save himself from a fate worse than death and show that it’s possible to live a hopeful life no matter how dark the world gets.
Syphon #3 (of 3) Syphon #3 (of 3)

The Department of Truth #13

WRITER: James Tynion IV
ARTIST / COVER A: Martin Simmonds
COVER B: Álvaro Martínez Bueno
COVER C: Maria Llovet

SEPTEMBER 29 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Thirty years ago, Cole Turner dreamed up a Star-Faced Man who ate children in the basement of his preschool. Today, Cole is going to make sure that nightmare can never haunt another kid. The second arc of the smash-hit THE DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH ends here with a revelation that turns the series upside down!
The Department of Truth #13 The Department of Truth #13 The Department of Truth #13

The Good Asian #5 (of 10)

WRITER: Pornsak Pichetshote
ARTIST: Alexandre Tefenkgi, Lee Loughridge
COVER A: Dave Johnson
COVER B: Afu Chan

SEPTEMBER 29 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Suffering a traumatic loss, Edison Hark relives the pivotal and contentious moments that led a Chinese-American to become a cop in 1930s America, as the "secret origin of Edison Hark" is revealed.

"Fantastic."—JEFF LEMIRE (GIDEON FALLS, Sweet Tooth)
The Good Asian #5 (of 10)

The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #6 (of 6)

WRITER: Vita Ayala, Greg Rucka
ARTIST: Leandro Fernández, Nicola Scott
COVER A / COVER C: Leandro Fernández
COVER B: Nicola Scott

SEPTEMBER 22 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Who is…Yitzhak? The hulking figure briefly seen and spoken about in the TALES THROUGH TIME now takes the stage—GREG RUCKA and LEANDRO FERNÁNDEZ introduce a mystery that will alter the lives of the immortals forever…however long they have left! In present-day Paris, Andy and Nile pull a high-risk, high-stakes museum heist to steal a single unlikely item in a caper by VITA AYALA (Children of the Atom, Static) and NICOLA SCOTT (BLACK MAGICK, Wonder Woman: Year One)!
The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #6 (of 6) The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #6 (of 6) The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #6 (of 6)

The Walking Dead Deluxe #22

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Dave McCaig, Charlie Adlard
COVER A: Dave McCaig, David Finch
COVER B: Dave McCaig, Tony Moore

SEPTEMBER 01 / 36 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Tyreese and Michonne are growing a lot closer…but what does Carol think about that?

This deluxe presentation in STUNNING FULL COLOR also features another installment of Cutting Room Floor and creator commentary.
The Walking Dead Deluxe #22 The Walking Dead Deluxe #22

The Walking Dead Deluxe #23

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Dave McCaig, Charlie Adlard
COVER A: Dave McCaig, David Finch
COVER B: Dave McCaig, Tony Moore
COVER C: Julian Totino Tedesco

SEPTEMBER 15 / 36 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

The most brutal of fights erupts between the best of friends.
The Walking Dead Deluxe #23

Time Before Time #5

WRITER: Rory McConville, Declan Shalvey
ARTIST: Joe Palmer, Chris O’Halloran
COVER A: Declan Shalvey
COVER B: Stephen Byrne

SEPTEMBER 15 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99

Time runs out for Tatsuo and Nadia as the first arc of this hit new series comes to a dramatic conclusion.
Time Before Time #5 Time Before Time #5

Undiscovered Country #16

WRITER: Charles Soule, Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Leonardo Marcello Grassi, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Matt Wilson
COVER A: Giuseppe Camuncoli
COVER B: Gerald Parel

SEPTEMBER 29 / 32 pages / FC/ M / $3.99


Sing a song of the Undiscovered Country as the team continues its journey through Zone Possibility in search of the American masterpiece. Standing in their way...the greatest icons of American music!
Undiscovered Country #16 Undiscovered Country #16