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Emma Kubert

Emma Kubert

Emma Kubert is a freelance comic book artist, writer, and graduate of the Kubert School (2018). She has freelanced for various companies such as DC Entertainment, Dynamite Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, and Image Comics. Emma recently penciled, inked and colored for DC Entertainments’ DC Superhero Girls and Teen Titans Go!, and drew layouts for the company’s young adult graphic novel Raven. Though she loves superheroes, fantasy is her favorite genre, and she is extremely pumped to be presenting INKBLOT through Image Comics with her partner in crime, Rusty Gladd.

Latest Releases

INKBLOT #15 Jan 12, 2022
INKBLOT #14 Dec 8, 2021
Inkblot #13 Inkblot #13 Nov 3, 2021
Inkblot #12 Inkblot #12 Sep 1, 2021
Inkblot #11 Inkblot #11 Aug 4, 2021

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