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Pornsak Pichetshote

Pornsak Pichetshote

Pornsak Pichetshote was a Thai-American rising star editor at DC’s Vertigo imprint where he worked on such comics perennials as The Sandman and Swamp Thing. His books have been nominated for dozens of Eisner awards—be it the award-winning Daytripper, the New York Times bestseller The Unwritten, or critical darlings like Sweet Tooth and Unknown Soldier. He left Vertigo to become an executive in DC Entertainment’s media team, where he started and oversaw DC TV’s department. Infidel marks his first major comics work as a writer.

Latest Releases

Infidel #5 Infidel #5 Jul 18, 2018
Infidel #4 (Of 5) Infidel #4 (Of 5) Jun 20, 2018
Infidel #3 (Of 5) Infidel #3 (Of 5) May 16, 2018
Infidel #2 (Of 5) Infidel #2 (Of 5) Apr 18, 2018
Infidel #1 (Of 5) Infidel #1 (Of 5) Mar 14, 2018

Collected Editions

Infidel TP Infidel TP Sep 26, 2018