Vanesa R. Del Rey

Vanesa R. Del Rey

Cuban artist Vanesa R. Del Rey began her career doing concept art for animation. Her work in comics has been described as dark, gritty and mysterious with great dominance of figurative work. She has illustrated Scarlet Witch, Spider-Women Alpha, and Daredevil Annual (2016) for Marvel Comics. REDLANDS, co-created with Jordie Bellaire is her first creator-owned series with Image Comics. She currently lives and works by the beach in Miami, FL.

Latest Releases

Redlands #10 Redlands #10 Jan 30, 2019
Redlands #9 Redlands #9 Dec 12, 2018
Redlands #8 Redlands #8 Nov 7, 2018
Ice Cream Man #8 Ice Cream Man #8 Oct 31, 2018
Redlands #7 Redlands #7 Oct 3, 2018
Redlands #6 Redlands #6 Feb 21, 2018


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