Asian & AAPI Creators We Recommend You Read

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Jen Bartel

Jen Bartel is an illustrator and comic artist who specializes in drawing strong ladies. She is best known for her ongoing cover work for clients like Marvel, DC/Vertigo, and Dark Horse. She is the co-creator and artist on BLACKBIRD out from Image Comics.


Afu Chan

Afu Chan is a freelance artist with a focus on comic books, illustration, character design and concept art. Some of his clients include: Marvel, Boom Studios, IDW, and Image. He is the artist on THE OUTER DARKNESS series with writer John Layman.

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Cliff Chiang

Cliff Chiang began his career in comics as an Assistant Editor for Vertigo Comics. Always aspiring to be a storyteller, he made the jump into freelance illustration and hasn't looked back. He's best known for his work at DC Comics on characters like The Creeper, Human Target, Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Wonder Woman. He is the artist and co-creator on the Image Comics series PAPER GIRLS with writer/co-creator Brian K. Vaughan.

Jim Cheung

Jim Cheung

Jim Cheung is a British comic book artist, known for his work on the series such as Scion, New Avengers: Illuminati, Young Avengers and Avengers: The Children's Crusade. He's now working on SPAWN'S UNIVERSE.

Wook jin clark 25efac9969 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Wook Jin Clark

Wook Jin Clark is a cartoonist and illustrator hailing from the Southern states of South Carolina and Georgia, and now resides in Portland, Oregon. He's done licensed comics work for franchises such as Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Bee and Puppycat. His creator-owned work includes Return of King Doug and Megagogo. He is the artist and co-creator of FLAVOR with writer/co-creator Joseph Keatinge.


Ming Doyle

Ming was born in Boston in the Fall of 1984 to an Irish American sailor and a Chinese Canadian librarian. In 2007 she earned her BFA from Cornell University with a dual concentration in painting and drawing. She has done covers for the Image Comics series THE REALM, BLACK MAGICK, and CITIZEN JACK.

She's currently working on art all night and every day and would probably love an espresso.

Joe eisma 8f96563835 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Joe Eisma

Artist & Co-creator of MORNING GLORIES, the Eisner-nominated & NY Times Bestselling comic from Image Comics.

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Rodin Esquejo

Rodin Esquejo is a comic book artist located in the Bay Area, California. In addition to providing the cover art for MORNING GLORIES, he is also the artist for Image Comic's MIND THE GAP.

Erica henderson a603674976 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Erica Henderson

Erica Henderson is a multiple Eisner Award winning comic artist who broke out with her reboot on Marvel's popular The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Archie's Jughead series. She teamed up with writer Kyle Starks for the action comic ASSASSIN NATION out from Image/Skybound Entertainment before going on to co-create the Image Comics original graphic novel DRACULA MOTHERF**KER with Alex De Campi. The title was the #1 best selling graphic novel in the Direct Market at Diamond Distributors the month it released, October 2020.

Jeremy holt eabaf1573f 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Jeremy Holt

Jeremy Holt is a non-binary author whose most recent works include Virtually Yours, Before Houdini, Skip to the End, and the forthcoming Image Comics series MADE IN KOREA co-created with George Schall. Holt has received high praise from Ms. Marvel creator G. Willow Wilson, as well as magician and NYT crossword constructor David Kwong.

Leslie hung f941e46bee 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Leslie Hung

Leslie Hung is artist and co-creator on SNOTGIRL with Bryan Lee O'Malley.

Emi lenox e2c5511905 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Emi Lenox

Emi Lenox is based out of Portland, Oregon, and is a comic creator widely known for EMITOWN, a web-based diary comic that was later published by Image as two printed volumes. She has done work for Mike Allred's MADMAN, Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth, GLORY, and co-created PLUTONA with Jeff Lemire.

Sloane leong 7edb1205a1 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Sloane Leong

Sloane Leong is a self-taught cartoonist, artist, and writer. She explores themes of survival, displacement, relationships, spirituality, identity, and mental illness through science fiction, horror, adventure, and slice-of- life genres. Her work focuses on exploring silenced narratives from marginalized and displaced communities and people of color, to connect personally with individuals through storytelling, with an aim to cultivate a kinder, more understanding future. She's the creator of PRISM STALKER from Image Comics.

Bryan Lie

Bryan Lie

Bryan Lie is the co-writer of GOD COMPLEX with co-creator Paul Jenkins and artist Hendry Prasetya from Image/Top Cow.

Marjorie liu 8bad2d9502 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Marjorie Liu

Marjorie Liu is an attorney and New York Times bestselling author of over nineteen novels. She is the co-creator and writer of the multiple Eisner Award winning series MONSTRESS with co-creator/artist Sana Takeda and published by Image Comics. Liu made history as the first woman ever to win an Eisner Award in the "Best Writer" category for her work on the series. Her comic book work also includes X-23, Black Widow, Dark Wolverine, and Astonishing X-Men, for which she was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for outstanding media images of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. She currently teaches a course on comic book writing at MIT.

Jonathan luna 4c77264197 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Jonathan Luna

Jonathan Luna co-created and illustrated the Image Comics titles THE SWORD, GIRLS, and ULTRA with his brother, Joshua Luna. He co-created and illustrated ALEX + ADA with Sarah Vaughn. He wrote and illustrated STAR BRIGHT AND THE LOOKING GLASS from Image Comics. His work also includes the art for Spider-Woman: Origin (Marvel Comics), written by Brian Michael Bendis and Brian Reed. Luna was born in California and spent most of his childhood overseas, living on military bases in Iceland and Italy. He returned to the United States in his late teens. Writing and drawing comics since he was a child, he graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sequential Art. He currently resides in Northern Virginia.

Joshua luna 8fa56c9cd2 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Joshua Luna

Joshua Luna is a comic creator who creates, writes, and draws independent comic books. His works explore themes such as celebrity, the complexity of human relationships, absolute power, and free will.

He is best known for his work as co-creator and writer in the sibling duo "Luna Brothers" with his brother, Jonathan Luna. Original works by the Luna Brothers include ULTRA, GIRLS, and THE SWORD, published by Image Comics. The Luna Brothers have also provided art for Spider-Woman: Origin (Marvel Comics), written by Brian Michael Bendis and Brian Reed.

Joshua Luna made his solo debut in 2012 with WHISPERS out from Image Comics.

Dustin nguyen 806dbf4429 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Dustin Nguyen

Dustin Nguyen has worked in the comic industry since 2000, providing concept art and character design in addition to being a talented sequential artist in his own right. His projects include Image Comics' bestselling, award winning series DESCENDER and ASCENDER, both co-created with Jeff Lemire.

Ken niimura 84e2bdf7ec 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Ken Niimura

At the crossroad of Japanese, European, and American comics, Ken Niimura has developed a dynamic, vibrant and humorous style of his own.

His breakthrough in the industry came with the publication of the acclaimed graphic novel, I KILL GIANTS, earning co-creators illustrator Niimura and writer Joe Kelly nominations for the prestigious Eisner Award and won the International Manga Award in 2012. I KILL GIANTS is now a feature film.

Niimura is also the author of the short story collection HENSHIN, published originally in Japan by Shogakukan.

Photo by Paula Fujiwara

Bryan lee o malley 36e1f20a65 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Bryan Lee O’Malley

Bryan Lee O’Malley is a Canadian cartoonist. He created the Scott Pilgrim series, which became a movie. He is co-creator of Image Comics' SNOTGIRL with Leslie Hung.

Jerome opeña aabf8042e7 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Jerome Opeña

Jerome Opeña is a comic book artist who got his start with Humanoids Publishing and went on to contribute work to Image, Dark Horse, and Marvel. Best known for his frequent collaborations with writer Rick Remender (FEAR AGENT, Punisher, Uncanny X-Force, Avengers: Rage of Ultron, and the bestselling Image Comics series SEVEN TO ETERNITY), as well as The Avengers and Infinity with writer Jonathan Hickman. Opeña resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Pornsak pichetshote b14e3cbf2d 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Pornsak Pichetshote

Pornsak Pichetshote was a Thai-American rising star editor at DC’s Vertigo imprint where he worked on such comics perennials as The Sandman and Swamp Thing. His books have been nominated for dozens of Eisner awards—be it the award-winning Daytripper, the New York Times bestseller The Unwritten, or critical darlings like Sweet Tooth and Unknown Soldier. He left Vertigo to become an executive in DC Entertainment’s media team, where he started and oversaw DC's TV department. His miniseries with Image Comics, INFIDEL, co-created with artist Aaron Campbell, marked his first major comics work as a writer and the title went on to be named by NPR as one of their “100 Favorite Horror Stories” and included in their Best Books of the Year list.

His forthcoming new Image Comics series titled, THE GOOD ASIAN, with artist/co-creator Greg Tefenkgi, is slated for a May 2021 launch.


Hendry Prasetya

Hendry Prasetya is the co-creator of GOD COMPLEX.

Fiona staples 34448c2a00 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Fiona Staples

Fiona Staples is a Canadian comic book artist known for her work on books such as North 40, DV8: Gods and Monsters, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and SAGA.


E. J. Su

E. J. Su is an American comic book artist and penciller. He was born in Taiwan and moved to the United States at the age of 14. He's the illustrator of TECH JACKET.

Sana takeda 8a22796336 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Sana Takeda

Sana Takeda is based in Japan and is best known in the United States for working with Marjorie Liu, most recently on their hit fantasy series MONSTRESS.

Alexandre tefenkgi 9ddcd7a6a8 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Alexandre Tefenkgi

Alexandre Tefenkgi is a visual narrator, comic book creator, color lover, tennis addict. Co-creator of OUTPOST ZERO and the forthcoming series THE GOOD ASIAN.

Ram v 8ba598f994 4c8d099e819a7146712525ccb2eb9e7c

Ram V

Ram V, is an award-winning author and creator of comics & graphic novels such as Black Mumba, PARADISO, BLUE IN GREEN, These Savage Shores, and Grafity's Wall. Since self-publishing in 2016, Ram has gone on to create critically acclaimed work with the industry’s major publishers. Conspirator and trouble-maker at White Noise Studio comics collective, Ram currently lives in London—dog person, doodles, argumentative melancholic.