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Wook Jin Clark

Wook Jin Clark

Wook Jin Clark is a cartoonist and illustrator hailing from the Southern states of South Carolina and Georgia, and now resides in Portland, Oregon. He's done licensed comics work for franchises such as Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Bee and Puppycat. His creator-owned work includes Return of King Doug and Megagogo. He is currently co-creating and illustrating FLAVOR with Joseph Keatinge, Tamra Bonvillian, and Ariana Maher, and finishing up an upcoming OGN with First Second Books.

Latest Releases

Flavor #6 Flavor #6 Oct 17, 2018
Flavor #5 Flavor #5 Sep 19, 2018
Flavor #4 Flavor #4 Aug 15, 2018
Flavor #3 Flavor #3 Jul 18, 2018
Flavor #2 Flavor #2 Jun 20, 2018
Flavor #1 Flavor #1 May 16, 2018

Collected Editions

Flavor TP Flavor TP Nov 21, 2018