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Paper Girls

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Select praise for PAPER GIRLS: “Its tone is harder, flintier, funnier, more pragmatic, and far less concerned with idealizing the ‘lost innocence’ of childhood [than Stranger Things and Super 8].” —NPR“Paper Girls is a reminder of how fresh and accessible even the most familiar stories and tropes can feel when people who have been consigned to the sidelines of popular entertainment take center stage.” —SLATE“A total blast, a mass-cultural mash-it-up that evokes everything from B-movie creature-feature thrills to vintage YA angst to the pop-plundering album covers of Hipgnosis. I've re-read the series three times now—sometimes to get re-unstuck in Vaughan's time-bending story; sometimes to study Cliff Chiang's vibrant, spacious illustrations; sometimes to take in Matt Wilson's neon, period-perfect coloring...Chances are you'll get sucked into it, too—especially if Stranger Things...has whet your appetite for more Reagan-era intrigue.” —WIRED “The book remains gorgeous throughout every issue, every volume. Chiang and Wilson create big moments of weirdness—invisible mecha, unraveling time machines, kaiju tardigrades, card-catalog golems—that strike exactly the right balance between recognizable and utterly inexplicable to create a sense of the uncanny in both the girls and the reader. But they really shine in the quiet emotional moments of contemplation and realization... It’s glorious and moving, and also awkward and funny.” —“Paper Girls’ vivid color palette and Chiang’s unique drawing style beautifully complement Vaughan’s creative time-bending storyline.” —KORE Magazine“Amazing” —99.9 KISW Radio“A brilliant series.” —The Plain Dealer“The story opens with an earnest, Spielberg-esque vibe that sends you soaring before abruptly plunging you down into the creepy and bizarre, ultimately leaving you with the most WTF cliffhanger...of the year.” —“You all should be reading Brian K. Vaughan's [and Cliff Chiang's] Paper Girls comic series now.” —The Los Angeles Times“Every volume of Paper Girls has been marked by outstanding dialog, incredible, likable characters, and art worthy of the magnificent Fiona Staples, whose work on Saga has revived a kind of Jack Kirby/Canteen on Mos Eisley comic surrealism that Chiang is definitely dabbling in here.” —Boing Boing“His plotting on Paper Girls is second to none, and lays subplot trails with an artistry that would be earning him all kinds of mainstream accolades if this were a Netflix series and not a comic book. But the look of Paper Girls is utterly gorgeous as well.” —The Guardian UK

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