Newburn TP, Vol. 2

Past mistakes are catching up with Newburn. As his allies turn on him one by one, Newburn must take increasingly desperate measures to protect himself. With their enemies closing in on all sides, how much longer can his partner Emily remain by his side?
Don't miss the thrilling conclusion of the series from Eisner winner CHIP ZDARSKY (Batman, PUBLIC DOMAIN) and rising star JACOB PHILLIPS (THAT TEXAS BLOOD, THE ENFIELD GANG MASSACRE)!
Collects NEWBURN #9-16

Collected Editions


Newburn #16 cover Newburn #16 Mar 27, 2024
Newburn #15 cover Newburn #15 Feb 28, 2024
Newburn #14 cover Newburn #14 Jan 24, 2024
Newburn #13 cover Newburn #13 Dec 20, 2023
NEWBURN #12 cover NEWBURN #12 Oct 25, 2023
NEWBURN #11 cover NEWBURN #11 Sep 27, 2023