Geiger Webskin


Series: Newburn

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An ex-Yakuza is on his way to the States for a liver transplant in exchange for intel on NYC Yakuza activities. To stop the info from making it to the Feds, Newburn and Emily have to dodge the cops and the FBI.

PLUS: In "GO BACK" by DRAGOTTA & BROTHERS, the kid tries to find a single friend in a city of eight million strangers.


Collected Editions


Newburn #16 cover Newburn #16 Mar 27, 2024
Newburn #15 cover Newburn #15 Feb 28, 2024
Newburn #14 cover Newburn #14 Jan 24, 2024
Newburn #13 cover Newburn #13 Dec 20, 2023
NEWBURN #12 cover NEWBURN #12 Oct 25, 2023
NEWBURN #11 cover NEWBURN #11 Sep 27, 2023