Tenement Webskin

Dark Fang, Vol. 1: Earth Calling TP

Her name is Valla. She is a vampire who has resided on the bottom of the ocean for a century. When her aquatic paradise is destroyed by a dark liquid plague, she travels to the surface in search of answers. What she finds is a world threatened by climate change and a civilization powerless to stop it. Eventually, mankind will be wiped out, and Valla will have no food supply. If she is to survive, then the fossil fuel industries must fall. Image Comics presents the first volume in the ecological action horror thrill ride by MILES GUNTER and KELSEY SHANNON. Collects DARK FANG #1-5

Collected Editions


Dark Fang #5 Dark Fang #5 Mar 21, 2018
Dark Fang #4 Dark Fang #4 Feb 14, 2018
Dark Fang #3 Dark Fang #3 Jan 17, 2018
Dark Fang #2 Dark Fang #2 Dec 20, 2017
Dark Fang #1 Dark Fang #1 Nov 15, 2017