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Kelsey Shannon

Kelsey Shannon

Kelsey Shannon is most known for his use of color, having collaborated with many top creators and with nearly every company in comics, but he's also worked as a penciler, inker, and even writer, enjoying every aspect of artistic expression this industry has to offer. He may have earned the respect of his peers as an artist, but he would like to be remembered as a friend.

Latest Releases

Dark Fang #5 Dark Fang #5 Mar 21, 2018
Dark Fang #4 Dark Fang #4 Feb 14, 2018
Dark Fang #3 Dark Fang #3 Jan 17, 2018
Dark Fang #2 Dark Fang #2 Dec 20, 2017
Dark Fang #1 Dark Fang #1 Nov 15, 2017

Collected Editions

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