Tenement Webskin

Dark Fang #4

Series: Dark Fang

“EARTH CALLING,” Part Four Valla has delivered a crippling blow to the oil industry. Now she faces her first real challenge in the form of Samael. He might be the son of the Angel of Death. Or he might just be an insane former underwear model. But what's for certain is he possesses the most powerful weapon on the planet, and he's bringing it to bear against Valla. The manure is about to get real, folks.

Collected Editions


Dark Fang #5 Dark Fang #5 Mar 21, 2018
Dark Fang #4 Dark Fang #4 Feb 14, 2018
Dark Fang #3 Dark Fang #3 Jan 17, 2018
Dark Fang #2 Dark Fang #2 Dec 20, 2017
Dark Fang #1 Dark Fang #1 Nov 15, 2017