New Year, New Comics

We're done with 2021—but the comics just keep rolling in! There is so much to be excited about this year, so let's take a look at some of what early 2022 has to offer. Whether you're into action, romance, or epic...* cough *...Sagas, there's so much to add to your to-be-read list!

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THE PASSAGEWAY by Jeff Lemire & Andrea Sorrentino

One of the last announcements of 2021 was one of the biggest—a horror crossover universe from the Eisner Award winning creative team behind GIDEON FALLS! Called THE BONE ORCHARD MYTHOS, this exciting new venture promises a slew of chilling new releases for 2022 and beyond—the first of which will be THE PASSAGEWAY graphic novel. We can't wait to learn more about this mysterious new title.

In stores June 15!

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ARROWSMITH: BEHIND ENEMY LINES #1: Kurt Busiek & Carlos Pacheco

The new KURT BUSIEK era at Image begins here, as he and superstar artist CARLOS PACHECO (Fantastic Four, Avengers Forever, Final Crisis, X-Men, Superman) bring you the much-anticipated return of ARROWSMITH! It’s World War I—but a war of wizards and dragons as much as bullets and barbed wire. Young airman Fletcher Arrowsmith plunges back into the heat of war—and finds himself behind enemy lines, facing a threat that could doom the Allied Powers. The first issue in a new ARROWSMITH-universe miniseries! And don’t miss the remastered hardcover of the original series in February!

In stores January 19!

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JOE HILL’S RAIN #1: Joe Hill, David M. Booher & Zoe Thorogood

On a seemingly normal August day in Boulder, Colorado, the skies are clear, and Honeysuckle Speck couldn’t be happier. She’s finally moving in with her girlfriend Yolanda. But their world is literally torn apart when dark clouds roll in and release a downpour of nails—splinters of bright crystal that shred the skin of anyone not safely under cover. RAIN makes vivid this escalating apocalyptic event, as the deluge of nails spreads across the country and around the world, threatening everything young lovers Honeysuckle and Yolanda hold dear.

In stores January 12!

Saga 55 4582152b29

SAGA #55: Fiona Staples & Brian K. Vaughan

At long last, Hazel and her star-crossed family are finally back and here to kick off a NEW STORY ARC! So, where the hell have they been? As thanks for fans’ endless patience, the SAGA team is proud to return with a double-length issue—44 pages of story for the regular $2.99 price point—without variant covers or gimmicky renumbering. Just more pulse-pounding adventure, heart-wrenching character drama, and gloriously graphic sex and violence, as SAGA begins the second half the series and the most epic chapter yet!

In stores January 26!

Bolero 1 of 5 fe6cd88580

BOLERO #1: Wyatt Kennedy & Luana Vecchio

A new series from two bright-eyed and bushy-tailed little scamps!

A woman running away from a broken heart discovers a mother-key into parallel universes. The rules are: The key can work on any door. The mother will only let you visit 53 universes. Do not ask to speak to the mother. Never hop more than 53 times.

In stores January 19!

Monkey meat 1 of 5 e14dc6ccbc


DJELIYA creator JUNI BA introduces a new fantasy universe in this ANTHOLOGY SERIES! The Monkey Meat Company made its fortune selling cans of processed meat all around the world. Using that money to fuel their wacky experiments, they turned their native island into a magical hyper-capitalist hellscape where even demons have to pay rent! Follow the lives of the creatures of Monkey Meat Island in this fun, action-packed romp. Each issue is its own story!

In stores now!

New masters 1 of 6 84c5e77674

NEW MASTERS #1: Shobo & Shof

2019 Creators for Creators Grant recipients, Nigerian brothers SHOBO and SHOF, present NEW MASTERS, a groundbreaking blend of science fiction, adventure, drama, and vibrant Afrofuturism. In a striking vision of West Africa under the thumb of alien colonizers, a motley crew of outcasts find themselves caught up in a power struggle for control of an ancient artifact with immense power.

In stores February 2!

Rogue sun 1 d51bbd8ed3

ROGUE SUN #1: Ryan Parrott & Abel

Yesterday: New Orleans’ greatest hero, ROGUE SUN, was murdered.

Today: rebellious teenager DYLAN SIEGEL discovers that Rogue Sun was his estranged father, Marcus—and that he’s inherited his father’s mantle. Tasked with protecting our world from the forces of the supernatural—and solving his father’s murder—Dylan will be forced to come to terms with the man he’s spent the majority of his life hating.

In stores February 23!

Step by bloody step 1 of 4 7b4fb15c10

STEP BY BLOODY STEP #1: Si Spurrier & Matias Bergara

An armored giant and a helpless child. Together they cross an astonishing world brimming with beasts, bandits, and—deadliest by far—civilizations… If they stop walking, the earth itself forces them onwards. WHY? The child can’t ask. She and her guardian have no language, no memory, nothing—except each other.

Multiple-Eisner nominees SI SPURRIER (X-Men), MATÍAS BERGARA (Coda), and MATHEUS LOPES (Supergirl) present a watershed moment in modern comics: four double-length chapters of a bittersweet fantasy opus, completely text free.

Let’s take a walk.

In stores February 23!

Prophet 1 facsimile edition 2a5ca7e708

PROPHET #1 FACSIMILE EDITION: Rob Liefeld & Dan Panosian

The issue that started it all!

Prophet made his first appearance in 1992, electrifying fandom! We celebrate and commemorate his impact on comic books with this special facsimile edition that recreates and replicates Prophet’s historic first issue for his 30th anniversary!

In stores February 9!

Rockstar and softboy one shot fd2f7b9c8f


SINA GRACE returns to writing and drawing for the first time in five years to deliver a frenzied story about two best friends and their antics in Hollyweird, California!

Rockstar plans the greatest house party ever as a means of lifting roommate Softboy’s spirits, but things take a gnarly turn when the dreaded PARTY ANIMAL shows up to make a mess of things…and dredge up long-held secrets between two BFFs who were supposed to share everything!

In stores February 23!

Supermassive one shot da251b3a28

SUPERMASSIVE: Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrott, Mat Groom, Francesco Manna & Igor Monti


2021’s hottest new superhero RADIANT BLACK launches into his first ever crossover event with the Image Comics debut of INFERNO GIRL RED and the first appearance of ROGUE SUN! The future of Image’s superhero universe is here!

Power Rangers: Shattered Grid
architects KYLE HIGGINS & RYAN PARROTT, MAT GROOM & FRANCESCO MANNA from Marvel’s Ultraman, and colorist extraordinaire IGOR MONTI unite for a one-shot, extra-length crossover event so big it can only be called—SUPERMASSIVE.

In stores February 16!

Astro city metrobook vol 1 tp b4eda0e535

ASTRO CITY METROBOOK, VOL. 1: Kurt Busiek, Brent E. Anderson, Will Blyberg, Alex Sinclair & Steve Buccellato

A hero dreams of flight. An alien spy prepares for invasion. A young man is mentored by a hero with dark secrets. A street criminal discovers a hero’s identity. And much, much more. Step into a world of heroes and see them from a whole different perspective. These are the multiple-award-winning stories that began the epic series and changed how we think about superheroes.

Collects KURT BUSIEK’S ASTRO CITY, VOL. 1 (#1-6) & VOL. 2 (#1-12, #½)

In stores March 30!

7174 annual 01 4270bb359f

7174 ANNUAL 01: T.P. Louise & Ashley Wood

Presenting an oversized collection of rarely seen but often-requested comics from ASHLEY WOOD’s house of 7174. Written by T.P. LOUISE and ASHLEY WOOD and gorgeously illustrated by WOOD, this 88-page extravaganza features fan-favorites Ashtro Lad, Les Mort 13, World War Robot, Adventure Kartel, and more!

In stores March 2!

Little monsters 1 c45e0f5562

LITTLE MONSTERS #1: Jeff Lemire & Dustin Nguyen

They are the last children on Earth…who also happen to be vampires. For longer than they can remember, these child vampires have lived a life of eternal wonder amongst the ruins of humanity. But shocking events fracture the group and set them on a path of discovery that will shatter their innocence forever.

In stores March 2!

Ghost cage 1 of 3 7783b87eeb

GHOST CAGE #1: Nick Dragotta & Caleb Goellner

The highly anticipated follow-up project from critically lauded EAST OF WEST artist NICK DRAGOTTA! This ALL-NEW, EXTRA-LENGTH LIMITED SERIES teams artistic dynamo DRAGOTTA with rising-star writer CALEB GOELLNER (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: New Animated Adventures). When his megacorp power plant falls under attack by terrorists, the super-scientist who revolutionized and controls all energy on Earth sends his ultimate creation (and an adequate employee) in to destroy his most monstrous secrets.

In stores March 23!

Radiant red 1 of 5 ca98c28e66

RADIANT RED #1: Cherish Chen, David Lafuente & Miquel Muerto

Fan-favorite creative team CHERISH CHEN, DAVID LAFUENTE & MIQUEL MUERTO return for a FIVE-ISSUE MINISERIES telling the next unmissable story from the world of RADIANT BLACK! To her students, Satomi Shen is a diligent middle school teacher. To her fiancé and parents, she’s the rock of their family. To the world, she’s RADIANT RED, a criminal turned matter-absorbing superhero. But with a mysterious stranger in her classroom, a nosy reporter on her doorstep, and $2.5 million hidden in the air vents of her house, she’s going to have to decide who she is, and quickly—before the world chooses for her.

In stores March 2!

Slumber 1 2ee4cebc19

SLUMBER #1: Tyler Burton Smith & Vanessa Cardinali

Stetson is a nightmare hunter. A dream detective. She runs a shoddy back-alley business where she helps clients sleep at night by entering their dreams and killing their nightmares. But Stetson’s past comes back to haunt her when she tracks down a literal living nightmare—a serial killer that murders people in their sleep. SLUMBER is an ongoing series from the twisted minds of writer TYLER BURTON SMITH (Kung Fury, Child’s Play) and rising-star artist VANESSA CARDINALI.

In stores March 16!

Loaded bible blood of my blood 1 of 6 20657de002

LOADED BIBLE: BLOOD OF MY BLOOD #1: Tim Seeley, Steve Orlando & Giuseppe Cafaro

LOADED BIBLE is back, courtesy of TIM SEELEY (HACK/SLASH, Nightwing) and STEVE ORLANDO (COMMANDERS IN CRISIS, Marauders), with art by GIUSEPPE CAFARO (Suicide Squad, Red Sonja) and covers by fan favorite MIRKA ANDOLFO!Decades after the events of the original cult series, Jesus’ vampire-hunting clone is a bigger outlaw than ever, and now, he has to face a threat like no other. The church has cut a deal with the vampire nations to unite under their cloned savior—Dracula.A 6-part monthly miniseries starting on Ash Wednesday!

In stores March 2!

Zvrc zombies vs robots classic 1 of 4 f3157cf3f2

ZVRC: ZOMBIES VS. ROBOTS CLASSIC #1: Chris Ryall & Ashley Wood

BACK IN PRINT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER A DECADE! The original VS. title is back to reclaim its turf and introduce itself to a new world! Eisner Award-nominated duo CHRIS RYALL & ASHLEY WOOD take control of ZOMBIES VS. ROBOTS and kick off the excitement with a lineup of classic adventures—all packed to the gills with action! Each issue will present an iconic tale and, in this debut issue, readers will be treated to a 26-page “Which Came First?” origin story. And because we love you, each issue will also feature new WOOD covers, a new illustrated intro and outro, and an all-new story, too. Join us for the first time all over again!

In stores March 30!

The ghost in you a reckless book hc 885c2b55fd

THE GHOST IN YOU: A RECKLESS BOOK: Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips

Crime noir masters ED BRUBAKER & SEAN PHILLIPS present yet another original graphic novel starring troublemaker-for-hire Ethan Reckless. It’s the winter of 1989 and Ethan is out of town, so this time, Anna has to tackle the job on her own. When a movie scream queen asks her to prove the mansion she’s renovating isn’t haunted, Anna will stumble into the decades-long mystery of one of Hollywood’s most infamous murder houses…a place with many dark secrets—some of which might just kill her. Another hit from the award-winning creators of PULP, MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN JUNKIES, CRIMINAL, and KILL OR BE KILLED—and a must-have for all ED BRUBAKER & SEAN PHILLIPS fans!

In stores April 13!

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