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Dan Panosian

Dan Panosian

Dan Panosian hails from Cleveland, Ohio and lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and son. If he had a pet, he would have mentioned it in the first sentence. But he doesn’t. Without the company of a friendly animal, he began working for Marvel and DC Comics, which led him to Image Comics and soon after—EXTREME STUDIOS. From there, he branched out into the video game world and eventually film and TV. But the lure of comic books was too great, and once again he was back in its lovely full-color embrace. Not content with merely making a living drawing, he co-created Drink and Draw, a popular social network of artists that gather at bars, taverns, and lounges. Sure he’s won awards, but his true win is every smile he’s received from a collection of stick figure illustrations he’s produced in chalk outside his doorstep.

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