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Luana Vecchio

Luana Vecchio

Luana Vecchio is an Italian comic book artist. She has worked for almost four years in the indie comic industry trough Startup and Kickstarter campaigns. She's best known for her horror/erotic self-published miniseries LOVESICK. She co-created with the writer Wyatt Kennedy the short story Something for your M.I.N.D. featured in Heavy Metal Magazine and is artist/co-creator with writer Wyatt Kennedy on the new Image Comics miniseries BOLERO.

Latest Releases

LOVESICK #7 LOVESICK #7 Apr 26, 2023
Rogue Sun #12 Rogue Sun #12 Apr 19, 2023
Lovesick #6 Lovesick #6 Mar 29, 2023
LOVESICK #5 LOVESICK #5 Feb 22, 2023
Lovesick #4 Lovesick #4 Jan 25, 2023

Collected Editions

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