Zero, Vol. 1 An Emergency

Collects ZERO #1-5

Edward Zero was the best spy the Agency had—and then he realized he was working for the wrong side.

"A first issue is the buy in of the great game, story. This is ZERO, and it's where all the action is. Have a seat." —Jonathan Hickman (THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS, EAST OF WEST)

"With ZERO, Kot continues to push boundaries of both form and content to stunning and inspiring effect. A new kind of spy thriller written with scope, intelligence and flat out gripping storytelling, ZERO is easily one of my favorite reads of the year." —Scott Snyder (SEVERED, Batman)



Collected Editions


Zero #18 cover Zero #18 Jul 1, 2015
Zero #17 cover Zero #17 Jun 3, 2015
Zero #16 cover Zero #16 May 6, 2015
Zero #15 cover Zero #15 Mar 18, 2015
Zero #14 cover Zero #14 Jan 28, 2015
Zero #13 cover Zero #13 Dec 17, 2014