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Jordie Bellaire

Jordie Bellaire

Jordie Bellaire is a two-time Eisner winning colorist for acclaimed projects such as VISION, THEY’RE NOT LIKE US, PRETTY DEADLY, INJECTION, AUTUMNLANDS etc, as well as mainstream hits like BATMAN, DEADPOOL, MOON KNIGHT and HAWKEYE. She is writer and co-creator with artist Vanesa R. Del Rey on the ongoing Image Comics series REDLANDS.

She lives in Ireland with her famous cat, Buffy.

Latest Releases

W0Rldtr33 #8 cover W0Rldtr33 #8 Feb 28, 2024
W0Rldtr33 #7 cover W0Rldtr33 #7 Jan 31, 2024
W0Rldtr33 #6 cover W0Rldtr33 #6 Dec 27, 2023

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