Revolvers, Vol. 1 TP

By all accounts, Detective Hampton Wales is a good cop but a complicated man, and when he dies under unusual circumstances, he finds that things aren’t any less complicated in death. The cases he couldn’t solve have come back to haunt him—literally and figuratively—and he faces a hellscape where people from his past hunt him in an eternal, torturous blood sport. Now, Hampton must struggle to survive long enough to solve one more murder if he ever wants to leave the cycle of violence—but the truth may be just as scary as anything he faces in the deadly Moratorium.Steeped in the tradition of body horror, REVOLVERS is an action-packed story of duty, love, betrayal, and revenge set against the background of an alternate vision of present-day Detroit. Collects REVOLVERS #1-4


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Revolvers #4 cover Revolvers #4 Feb 15, 2023
Revolvers #3 cover Revolvers #3 Jan 11, 2023
Revolvers #2 cover Revolvers #2 Nov 16, 2022
Revolvers #1 cover Revolvers #1 Oct 5, 2022