Geiger Webskin

Revolvers #1

Hampton Wales, a Detroit homicide detective, finds himself trapped in a mysterious and violent reality, only to find himself dead while attempting to solve a seemingly average and routine homicide. Confronted by an immortal tormenter known as La Piton (the Python), Hampton begins a dark and twisted quest to find out why and how he died. To do so, he must face off against a legion of gun-toting, deceased Revolvers within the Moratorium, a hellish version of Puragatory. Hampton will need to "kill of be killed" to have enough time to unravel his demise and discover it was by his own hand, someone else, or something more sinister.

Collected Editions


Revolvers #4 cover Revolvers #4 Feb 15, 2023
Revolvers #3 cover Revolvers #3 Jan 11, 2023
Revolvers #2 cover Revolvers #2 Nov 16, 2022
Revolvers #1 cover Revolvers #1 Oct 5, 2022