Redlands, Vol. 1 TP

A mysterious and bloodthirsty matriarchal force runs the town of Redlands, Florida, and in order to stay on top, sacrifices must be made. Someone is intent on removing these women from the top of the food chain, and he's ready to unleash their darkest secret but has seriously underestimated the lengths the townspeople will go to protect the new order of things. Inspired by the strange complexities of real-world politics and crime, the characters of REDLANDS play victim and villain, attempting to understand themselves and others through murder, magic, and mayhem. Collects REDLANDS #1-6.

Select praise for REDLANDS:

"Bellaire's writing blends folklore with a contemporary urgency and Del Rey's art is beautifully, frighteningly immersive. A stunning debut." —Scott Snyder

"Read this beautiful, compelling, epic work, join in the chorus of this scream, and you will see that in the worst of times, our greatest witches do come true." —Tom King

"Nice f*cking job." —Warren Ellis

"A chilling, vibrant, angry debut comic from some of the best creators working in comics today. These pages burn with brilliant art and perfectly rendered characters. Witches and Florida are the peanut butter and chocolate that have been missing from comics (and my life). If you're looking for a horror book that will grab you from page one and won't let go, if you're looking for a comic oozing with topical, all-too-real nightmares, or if you're just looking for a rippin' yarn—pre-order Redlands at your local comic shop today." —Robbie Thompson

"Incredibly empowering and perfectly timed for the current state of the Union." —NYLON Magazine

"Eisner Award–winning colorist Bellaire’s debut writing effort is a stellar feminist occult horror comic... The spine-tingling adventure is filled with examples of sexual harassment, such as a principal propositioning one of his female students for sex, adding emotional terror to the spooky mix. Monsters abound, but even the supernatural characters evoke humanity and empathy. Del Rey’s fine-lined watercolor-style art makes even gore look gorgeous and sets an ominous mood which elevates the suspense. This dark campfire tale is both politically relevant and terrifying." —Publishers Weekly

"Image’s powerful series Redlands highlights the link between womanhood and witchcraft, showing the misogyny behind the mythology... In a disturbing, beautiful way, co-creators Jordie Bellaire and Vanesa Del Rey’s Redlands out today from Image revels in the idea that magic is born from unholy contracts between the devil and clever women." —io9

"Horror fans need to pay attention to Redlands. Hell, everybody needs to pay attention to Redlands—it’s freaking fantastic any way you cut it... You don’t want to miss the darkness that is unfolding here. Trust us." —Nerdist

"Dark and ominous." —

"What a writhingly dark bite of atmosphere, I'm hungry for more!" —Ming Doyle

"Brilliantly paced with non-stop scares. Do yourself a favor and buy this book." —Horror Talk

"Delivers equal amounts of adrenaline and moody atmosphere." —Impulse Gamer

"The writing, by Jordie Bellaire, doesn’t give us any easy answers. The art, by Vanessa Del Rey, is reminiscent, with its muddy murk and startling colors, of 30 Days of Night. It gives us the impression that every scene is lit incompletely by flashlight and that anything could jump out of the darkness." —Ars Technica

Collected Editions


Redlands #12 cover Redlands #12 Apr 3, 2019
Redlands #11 cover Redlands #11 Feb 27, 2019
Redlands #10 cover Redlands #10 Jan 30, 2019
Redlands #9 cover Redlands #9 Dec 12, 2018
Redlands #8 cover Redlands #8 Nov 7, 2018
Redlands #7 cover Redlands #7 Oct 3, 2018

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