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Nameless TP

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist / Cover: Chris Burnham, Nathan Fairbairn
Published: February 8, 2017
Diamond ID: DEC160818
Age Rating: T

NAMELESS tells the story of a down-at-heel occult hustler known only as “Nameless” who is recruited by a consortium of billionaire futurists as part of a desperate mission to save the world. When Nameless and his teammates inadvertently unleash a malignant soul-destroying intelligence, the stage is set for a nightmarish, nihilistic journey to the outer reaches of human terror. Collects NAMELESS #1-6.

Digital : $11.99
Print: $14.99

Collected Editions

Nameless HC

Published: March 16, 2016

Print: $24.99

Barnes & Noble
Indie Bound
More Collected Editions


Nameless #6

Published: December 23, 2015

Print: $2.99

Digital: $1.99

Nameless #5

Published: September 23, 2015

Print: $2.99

Digital: $1.99

Nameless #4

Published: June 10, 2015

Print: $2.99

Digital: $1.99

Nameless #3

Published: April 8, 2015

Print: $2.99

Digital: $1.99

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