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Chris Burnham

Chris Burnham

Chris Burnham is the #1 New York Times Bestselling artist of BATMAN INCORPORATED and the co-creator of OFFICER DOWNE, soon to be a major motion picture! Other career high points include co-creating Nixon's Pals, drawing such comics as THE X-MEN, THE AMORY WARS, ELEPHANTMEN, FEAR AGENT, and MARVEL MYSTERY, and working with such esteemed creators as Joe Casey, David Hine, Peter David, Richard Starkings, and Grant Morrison.

Latest Releases

Kick-Ass #14 Kick-Ass #14 May 15, 2019
Burnouts #5 Burnouts #5 Jan 16, 2019
Burnouts #4 Burnouts #4 Dec 19, 2018

Collected Editions

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