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Low, Vol. 4: Outer Aspects Of Inner Attitudes TP

Tajo returns to her family home on Salus, to find a city on the brink of devastation. There is no food, no air, no hope for mankind's last great dome city. Now, Tajo must band together with IO, a man carrying a secret millennia old, and Mertali, a brave mermaid from the gladiator pits of Poluma, to fight for a better future for everyone. But death stalks the desolate streets of Salus, a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to see the city drown in its own blood—a killer that Tajo created, and now must face again one final time. Collects LOW #16-19

Collected Editions


Low #22 Low #22 May 15, 2019
Low #21 Low #21 Apr 10, 2019
Low #20 Low #20 Jan 2, 2019
Low #19 Low #19 Aug 9, 2017
Low #18 Low #18 May 17, 2017
Low #17 Low #17 Apr 19, 2017