In the far future, our sun has begunits inevitable expansion process,scorching Earth’s surface withextreme radiation. Humanity issent to hide in the lowest depthsof the sea, waiting in protecteddomed cities, while probes scourthe galaxy for inhabitable planets.Generations later, a returned probefinally crashes on Earth’s surface, nowa hostile and alien place that no humanhas seen in eons. It falls on Stel Caine,a lone mother and the last scientist,to rise from these depths, reunite hershattered family, and find salvationfor a people who’ve lost all hope…

Collects the entire criticallyacclaimed series from New YorkTimes-bestselling writer RICKREMENDER (DEADLY CLASS,BLACK SCIENCE) and visionaryartist GREG TOCCHINI (LASTDAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME,Uncanny X-Force), who bring you aheightened character drama mergedwith big, vivid, high adventurethat explores the most unexpectedalien world of all—Earth.

Collected Editions


Low #26 cover Low #26 Feb 10, 2021
Low #25 cover Low #25 Sep 23, 2020
Low #24 cover Low #24 Aug 19, 2020
Low #23 cover Low #23 Jul 22, 2020
Low #22 cover Low #22 May 15, 2019
Low #21 cover Low #21 Apr 10, 2019