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Isola, Vol. 1 TP

An evil spell has been cast on the Queen of Maar and her Captain of the Guard will do anything to reverse it. Their only hope lies on an island half a world away—a place known in myth as Isola, land of the dead. Gotham Academy creators BRENDEN FLETCHER and KARL KERSCHL reunite with series colorist MSASSYK and letterer ADITYA BIDIKAR for a breathtaking fantasy adventure two decades in the making. Recommended for fans of Studio Ghibli and the work of Hayao Miyazaki. Collects ISOLA #1-5

Collected Editions


Isola #10 cover Isola #10 Feb 5, 2020
Isola #9 cover Isola #9 Sep 11, 2019
Isola #8 cover Isola #8 Jun 26, 2019
Isola #7 cover Isola #7 Mar 27, 2019
Isola #6 cover Isola #6 Jan 16, 2019
Isola #5 cover Isola #5 Aug 29, 2018

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