Where The Body Was Webskin


Michele Assarasakorn (M.SASSY.K) is a Thai-Canadian illustrator who works from her home in Vancouver, British Columbia. She worked as an artist in animation, video games, and film before discovering how much she enjoyed storytelling through personal illustrations and coloring the works of comic artists she admires. M.SASSY.K is currently a full-time colorist on comics including Isola and spends the rest of her time frolicking in the BC wilderness.

Latest Releases

Isola #10 Isola #10 Feb 5, 2020
Isola #9 Isola #9 Sep 11, 2019
Isola #8 Isola #8 Jun 26, 2019
Isola #7 Isola #7 Mar 27, 2019
Isola #6 Isola #6 Jan 16, 2019
Isola #5 Isola #5 Aug 29, 2018

Collected Editions

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