Why sell your soul…whenyou can buy a new one?

In a corporate-ruled city where classinequality is greater than ever, adesperate, lonely populace is drawn toneo-spiritualism and hedge magic.When their teenage daughter is murdered,the Marks family is left asking the godswhat they did to deserve this. But theirandroid maid, Which-Where, has a differentapproach. Perhaps if she asked the devil…Now, to pay the price, a machine with thesoul of a teenage girl must hunt down soulswho have escaped from hell. But on the way,she and her only friend, Ren, discover avast conspiracy threatening to burn the lastcivilization to the ground. Can Which-Wherekeep her soul with her humanity on the line?

A futuristic dark fantasy miniseries byacclaimed creator TIM SEELEY (Nightwing,HACK/SLASH, REVIVAL) and risingstar ZULEMA SCOTTO LAVINA



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Collected Editions


Hexware #6 cover Hexware #6 May 17, 2023
Hexware #4 cover Hexware #4 Mar 15, 2023
Hexware #2 cover Hexware #2 Jan 18, 2023
HEXWARE #1 cover HEXWARE #1 Dec 7, 2022