Hexware #6 Look Inside

Hexware #6

MINISERIES FINALEHexware and the Helljumpers face the true architect of Jesi’s murder as the walled Urban Zone is assaulted by zealots on one side and unstoppable androids on the other. Can Jesi retain her humanity when everything she believes in is a lie?The thrilling final issue of the series by TIM SEELEY and rising-star artist ZULEMA SCOTTO LAVINA is here!



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Hexware #6 cover Hexware #6 May 17, 2023
Hexware #4 cover Hexware #4 Mar 15, 2023
Hexware #2 cover Hexware #2 Jan 18, 2023
HEXWARE #1 cover HEXWARE #1 Dec 7, 2022