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Die, Vol. 3: The Great Game TP

Series: Die

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In the world of DIE, the players are now real players. Countries are their pieces, and the board threatens to run red with blood. Who is the Queen, and who are pawns? Who's playing to win? Who's forgotten what they're playing for? And what will they do when they're reminded of the real stakes? The critically acclaimed dark fantasy smash hit goes epic in its third volume.Collects DIE #11-15

Collected Editions


Die #15 Die #15 Nov 18, 2020
Die #14 Die #14 Oct 7, 2020
Die #13 Die #13 Sep 2, 2020
Die #12 Die #12 Jul 22, 2020
Die #11 Die #11 Jun 24, 2020
Die #10 Die #10 Dec 4, 2019