In the nineties, six teenagers disappeared into a fantasy role-playing game. Only five returned. Nearly thirty years later, these broken adults are dragged back to discover the game isn’t finished with them yet. KIERON GILLEN (THE WICKED + THE DIVINE) and STEPHANIE HANS (Journey Into Mystery)’s award-winning, critical-hit series is collected in a single, beautiful, oversized hardcover volume.

Collects DIE #1-20

Select praise for DIE:"GILLEN subverts high fantasy adventure tropes with an infusion of creepy horror, resulting in an exploration of arrested adolescence and the effects of childhood trauma made truly haunting by Hans’ realistic illustrations and Cowles’ gloomy color palette." —Library Journal

"Makes for a heady combination of fascinating worldbuilding, compellingly broken characters tearing each other apart (sometimes emotionally, sometimes literally), and vivid, striking artwork." —io9/Gizmodo

"A deliciously dark Phantom Tollbooth-like journey told through a lens of broken humanity and a deconstruction of the role-playing game’s roots. I am entranced." —Matthew Mercer, Critical Role

TRIM SIZE: 7.25" x 10.875"

Collected Editions


Die #20 cover Die #20 Sep 29, 2021
Die #19 cover Die #19 Aug 25, 2021
Die #18 cover Die #18 Jul 14, 2021
Die #17 cover Die #17 Jun 9, 2021
Die #16 cover Die #16 May 5, 2021
Die #15 cover Die #15 Nov 18, 2020