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Die #11

"THE GREAT GAME," Part OneHalf the party is ruling a whole empire. The other half is on the run. Neither has it easy. There is nothing easy in this game, especially when the stakes get shockingly real. The most epic arc of DIE begins as it means to go on: messily."A deliciously dark Phantom Tollbooth-like journey told through a lens of broken humanity and a deconstruction of the role-playing game’s roots. I am entranced." —Matthew Mercer (Critical Role)"Wonderfully nerdy and emotionally complicated and…utterly beautiful." —The Hollywood Reporter

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Die #20 cover Die #20 Sep 29, 2021
Die #19 cover Die #19 Aug 25, 2021
Die #18 cover Die #18 Jul 14, 2021
Die #17 cover Die #17 Jun 9, 2021
Die #16 cover Die #16 May 5, 2021
Die #15 cover Die #15 Nov 18, 2020