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Airboy #2

Story: James Robinson
Art / Cover: Greg Hinkle
Published: July 1, 2015
Diamond ID: MAY150459
Age Rating: E

Are the drugs wearing off, or just kicking in? After a night of debauchery, James and Greg have a hell of a hangover in the form of 1940s comic book character Airboy. The aviation hero is curious to learn what the future has to offer. Hey, you try denying a reality you’ve already altered.

Digital : $1.99
Print: $2.99

Collected Editions

Airboy Deluxe HC

Published: April 27, 2016

Print: $24.99

Digital: $19.99

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Airboy #4

Published: November 11, 2015

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Digital: $1.99

Airboy #3

Published: August 5, 2015

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Digital: $1.99

Airboy #1

Published: June 3, 2015

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