Airboy Deluxe HC

When acclaimed comics author JAMES ROBINSON (Starman, Fantastic Four) is hired to write a reboot of the 1940s action hero Airboy, he’s reluctant to do another Golden Age reboot. But it’s nothing that a drink can’t fix. Then, after a night of debauchery with artist GREG HINKLE, Airboy himself appears and suddenly no one in this story has their life go according to plan. Read the whole unexpected miniseries, as well as bonus material and conceptual art from Greg and James. Collects AIRBOY #1-4

Collected Editions


Airboy #4 cover Airboy #4 Nov 11, 2015
Airboy #3 cover Airboy #3 Aug 5, 2015
Airboy #2 cover Airboy #2 Jul 1, 2015
Airboy #1 cover Airboy #1 Jun 3, 2015