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Velocity: Get Up To Speed With Carin Taylor [Gallery]

The simply named VELOCITY paperback on store shelves now collects a few stories about the fastest hero in the Top Cow Universe: Carin Taylor. Code-named Velocity, she's a member of CyberForce, and maybe the most charming, too. She's hopeful, energetic, and most likely the fastest woman alive. In VELOCITY, we get a close look at what she does when she's forced into a rescue mission with a sixty-minute deadline. No problem, right? way. Ron Marz, Kenneth Rocafort, Sunny Gho, & Troy Peteri created those four issues, and they throw more than a few speed bumps in her way. On top of that, the paperback includes PILOT SEASON: VELOCITY by Joe Casey and Kevin Maguire, a one-shot tale that keeps Carin in the spotlight for an adventure that really gets the fun of being a speedster. Check out the ten-page preview of VELOCITY below!


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