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Whispers TP

A mentally troubled man is suddenly empowered with the ability to leave his physical body in "ghost" form and manipulate people in unusual ways. With this incredible power, will he control his demons...or discover even more? JOSHUA LUNA of "The Luna Brothers" (ULTRA, GIRLS, THE SWORD) makes a solo debut with a dark, supernatural thriller that questions free will and explores the obsessions and urges we all have and may not have control of at all.

Collected Editions

Whispers TP cover Whispers TP Jun 11, 2014


Whispers #5 cover Whispers #5 Apr 24, 2013
Whispers #4 cover Whispers #4 Oct 12, 2012
Whispers #3 cover Whispers #3 Jun 27, 2012
Whispers #2 cover Whispers #2 Apr 4, 2012
Whispers #1 cover Whispers #1 Jan 11, 2012