Wayward, Book 2: Deluxe HC

Includes a special poster of the five-part WAYWARD connected cover illustration from issues #11-15! The new gods of Japan have arrived, and a clash with the myths of old will change the country forever. JIM ZUB and STEVEN CUMMINGS combine the camaraderie and emotion of shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Japan’s engaging culture and mythic monsters. Image Comics’ supernatural sensation continues in this oversized hardcover collection that includes every stunning cover illustration, design sketches, and extensive essay material on culture and mythology by monster scholars ZACK DAVISSON and ANN O'REGAN. Collects WAYWARD #11-20

Collected Editions


Wayward #30 cover Wayward #30 Oct 31, 2018
Wayward #29 cover Wayward #29 Sep 26, 2018
Wayward #28 cover Wayward #28 Aug 29, 2018
Wayward #27 cover Wayward #27 Jul 25, 2018
Wayward #26 cover Wayward #26 Jun 20, 2018
Wayward #25 cover Wayward #25 Nov 22, 2017