Members of superhero group The Prestige continue to attack Oliver Harrison as his sanity and sobriety hang in the balance. While Oliver’s power grows and he holds his ground, we gain vital insight into the mystic realm of Everkeep and evil Baron Vanish’s past…and future?

From DONNY CATES (GOD COUNTRY, Hulk, Thor), RYAN STEGMAN (VENOM, King in Black), JP MAYER (Absolute Carnage, Fantastic Four), SONIA OBACK (Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Han Solo), and JOHN J. HILL (CROSSOVER, Harley Quinn), the all-star creative team that brought you Venom, comes the second chapter of this brutal-as-hell tale.

Collects VANISH #5-8


Cover A

Collected Editions


Vanish #8 cover Vanish #8 Jun 28, 2023
Vanish #7 cover Vanish #7 May 24, 2023
VANISH #6 cover VANISH #6 Apr 26, 2023
Vanish #5 cover Vanish #5 Mar 22, 2023
Vanish #4 cover Vanish #4 Dec 21, 2022
Vanish #3 cover Vanish #3 Nov 23, 2022