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The Hunt TP

At her father’s deathbed, Orla Roche came face-to-face with the age-old myth of The Sluagh; a group of soul-stealing spirits so evil that not even hell would take them. Years later, and with the belief that her father’s soul is still trapped in some form of the netherworld, she goes looking for answers--beginning a journey that leads her down a path to discover what really happens to us after we die.

Collected Editions

The Hunt TP The Hunt TP Apr 19, 2017


The Hunt #5 The Hunt #5 Dec 21, 2016
The Hunt #4 The Hunt #4 Nov 16, 2016
The Hunt #3 The Hunt #3 Sep 28, 2016
The Hunt #2 The Hunt #2 Aug 17, 2016
The Hunt #1 The Hunt #1 Jul 20, 2016