Nights Webskin

The Few #6 (Of 6)

MINISERIES FINALE The critically acclaimed maxiseries comes to its massive end! Edan's secret is out. With no family, no allies, and no country, she is left to do the one thing the desperate have available to them: lash out. As she sets her sights on the Palace and the government she fought so hard for, Peter and Davey question how much someone has to do to make you trust them again...

Collected Editions

The Few TP The Few TP Aug 23, 2017


The Few #4 The Few #4 Apr 19, 2017
The Few #3 The Few #3 Mar 22, 2017
The Few #2 The Few #2 Feb 22, 2017
The Few #1 The Few #1 Jan 18, 2017