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Tartarus, Vol. 1 TP

When Surka, a ruthless criminal warlord, escapes her prison pit, she unleashes a wave of destruction that ripples across Tartarus, a vital colony in an everlasting galactic war. Years later, when young cadet Tilde learns that she’s Surka’s daughter, will she continue to fight on the side of galactic order, or will she reclaim her mother’s dark crown?From New York Times #1 bestseller JOHNNIE CHRISTMAS (FIREBUG, William Gibson’s Alien 3) and visionary artist JACK T. COLE (The Unsound) comes a sci-fi adventure for the ages.Collects TARTARUS #1-5


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Collected Editions


Tartarus #10 Tartarus #10 Mar 17, 2021
Tartarus #9 Tartarus #9 Feb 3, 2021
Tartarus #8 Tartarus #8 Dec 23, 2020
Tartarus #7 Tartarus #7 Nov 25, 2020
Tartarus #6 Tartarus #6 Oct 28, 2020
Tartarus #5 Tartarus #5 Aug 26, 2020