Syphon TP, Vol. 2

Sylas wields an ancient power to sense and siphon away pain from others, but struggles with the moral ambiguity of his abilities, leading him to question his purpose as a Syphon. Livia, his partner and a neuroscientist, explores the impact of emotional trauma and the ethics of healing from it. Together, they unravel secrets of the power that will forever change their relationship. Meanwhile, deep in the Amazon, an ancient threat re-emerges with plans to unleash a terrible darkness.
The award-winning series returns with a new four-issue volume, written by creator MOHSEN ASHRAF (Pantheon) and co-writer ARISH AKANDA, with art from THOMAS HEDGLEN (PROPHET, BRIGADE). Previously nominated for three 2022 Ringo Awards, including Best Series and Best Artist, and awarded Favorite Hero.
Collects SYPHON, VOL. 2 #1-4



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SYPHON TP cover SYPHON TP Dec 15, 2021