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Surgeon X #1

Series: Surgeon X

NEW SERIES — OVERSIZED FIRST ISSUE! "CUTTING LOOSE," Part One What do you get if you cross a far-right British government with an antibiotic apocalypse and a gruesome murder? The birth of Surgeon X and her renegade practice. Extreme times call for extreme medicine. SARA KENNEY, acclaimed documentary, factual drama and animation filmmaker (Angels and Ghosts) and master artist JOHN WATKISS (Sandman, Conan, Deadman) join forces with KAREN BERGER, award-winning and Vertigo-founding editor to produce this unique, darkly comic medical thriller, which will horrify and delight in equal measure.


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Collected Editions


Surgeon X #6 Surgeon X #6 Feb 22, 2017
Surgeon X #5 Surgeon X #5 Jan 25, 2017
Surgeon X #4 Surgeon X #4 Dec 28, 2016
Surgeon X #3 Surgeon X #3 Nov 30, 2016
Surgeon X #2 Surgeon X #2 Oct 26, 2016
Surgeon X #1 Surgeon X #1 Sep 28, 2016

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