Where The Body Was Webskin

Sun Bakery #3

Series: Sun Bakery

"DREAM SKILLS," Part Three. The one-man action anthology continues in SUN BAKERY #3! The swashbuckling story of sword-wielding Xasha continues in DREAM SKILLS, the ethereal skate quest of BAT RIDER rides on, and a new story about a guy who can summon anything from his magical LAYERED JACKET enters the fray. SUN BAKERY continues its tradition of ushering in the most wild stories in comics!

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Collected Editions


Sun Bakery #7 Sun Bakery #7 Jun 20, 2018
Sun Bakery #6 Sun Bakery #6 May 23, 2018
Sun Bakery #5 Sun Bakery #5 Apr 25, 2018
Sun Bakery #3 Sun Bakery #3 May 24, 2017