St. Mercy Vol. 2: Godland #1 (of 4)

St. Mercy Vol. 2: Godland #1 (of 4)

Series: St. Mercy

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In ST. MERCY: GODLAND, Mercedes Oro finds herself immortal, forever tethered to the cursed ancient Incan gold, and in constant struggle with the Incan gods who deem her both a threat and an opportunity.
Now, with the spirit of Toctolissica inside her, and her demon sister Quispe beside her, Mercy heads to 1930s Hollywood—a different golden age with gods of its own. Will Mercy’s newfound star power be enough to hold the past at bay, or will the power of the gods force her into the bloody center of a conflict even she can’t survive?

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cover ST. MERCY TP Feb 23, 2022